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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Complaint Against SEIU In Mass. Senate Race

From The Boston Herald:

Republican Senate hopeful Scott Brown has filed a state ethics complaint after a report that a union backing rival Martha Coakley used state resources to urge workers to volunteer for her campaign.

After Brown’s complaint Wednesday, the operations director of Service Employees International Local 509 said it mistakenly sent an e-mail to state employee members Nov. 20 asking them to volunteer for the Democratic attorney general.
Whose job is it to investigate this complaint? The Attorney General, Martha Coakley, who is the very same candidate SEIU is helping. Good luck with that.

It surprises me that this special election in Massachusetts has not generated more attention. Scott Brown is an excellent candidate, a fiscal conservative, and this election could and should be a referendum on the direction the country is heading:

“People underestimate how intensely voters feel about the issues of taxing and spending,’’ said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Brown adviser. “It’s hard for voters to differentiate between what’s happening in Washington and at the State House in Massachusetts, because for them it all means government is out of control and it’ll cost them in the long run.’’
Sure, this is Massachusetts, and it is Teddy's open seat, but voters are angry all over.

Scott Brown's website is here, and his Twitter feed is here.

Update: Michelle Malkin links, and has more about SEIU. Jumping in Pools also has a post, urging the conservative blogosphere to wake up and support Brown.

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  1. Question - if Ted Kennedy's seat is still open, how are the Democrats going to get 60 votes on health care this month? Does Ted Kennedy get a "proxy" vote from the grave, since it is supposed to be "for Teddy"?

  2. ...and the corrupt beat goes on, eh? ::sigh::

  3. marie, the governor of Massachusetts appointed a temporary replacement (Paul Kirk) in September to fill Ted Kennedy's seat until the special election in January. They changed Mass. state law to get Kirk immediately appointed by the Dem. governor:


  4. Get Glenn Beck on the line. He's been on SEIU's case for weeks, big time. Maybe he'd put Scott Brown complaint center stage?