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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Harry Reid, Card Shark

I have to hand it to Harry Reid. He may be on the verge of pulling off the ultimate card play.

Reid managed to get everyone excited and fearful through a whispering campaign about a last-minute "compromise" to expand Medicare, even though we can't pay for Medicare as it now exists.

Joe Lieberman came to the rescue by forcing Reid (if reports are correct) to drop the Medicare expansion.

Whoopee! Reid appears to be willing to drop something that never was in the bill to begin with, and the details of which never even were disclosed to the public.

By withdrawing what never existed, Reid has gained momentum to pass through the Senate a bill which still stinks, in all its previously disclosed inglorious detail.

Taxes, bureaucracy, severe cut-backs for senior citizens, mandates, you name it. It's still all in there and the bill still stinks.

I should have known. Reid was Chairman of the Las Vegas Gaming Commission. He knows all the card tricks. And he knows how to bluff.

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  1. And once it has passed, they'll rewrite it to get whatever they want.

  2. I'll bet that 90% of the people who are going to be genuinely screwed by Democrats' imminent destruction of the private healthcare and housing industies, soaring unemployment and tanking economy VOTED Democrat.