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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sad and Embarrassed

For our country, and yes, our President.

That's the feeling I had watching Obama's climate speech in Copenhagen, and the whole theater of the bizarre surrounding it.

Read into "sad and embarrassed" what you want.

No other brilliant thoughts this afternoon. Not for lack of trying.

Except, "pathetic."

And, too much, too little, too late:

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  1. It's a bizarre sad pathetic and totally embarrassing presidency.

  2. CNBC is reporting Obama struck some kind of deal with China and India at the last minute.

    And by "deal" I'm sure what they meant to say was Obama agreed to make a unilateral distribution to them on our behalf. What do we get in return? A lower standard of living and the opportunity to feel really, really good about our contribution to global social justice.