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Friday, December 11, 2009

Presidential Crumbs of Kindness

The Speech. In Oslo. Oh my. He didn't apologize, as such. He spoke of a "just war." Of his obligation as President to defend the country. As if this all were a revelation.

Ooooh. Aaaah. Says the vast right-wing conspiracy, in many and surprising places.

It's all relative to what we expected.

We expected so little and prepared ourselves for another one of those speeches.

The bar has been set so low for an Obama speech on foreign soil, or to foreigners, that some crumbs of kindness towards America, falling off of the presidential table, seem like a hearty meal.

My reaction to The Speech: What's for dessert?

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  1. For desert, a dish of additional taxes with a topping of crippling regulations. Would you like some nuts sprinkled on top?

  2. Watched your great orator too and once again am reminded of how little millions of dollars spent on speech writers actually gets these days of trillion dollar American government spending. It might just be that POTUS needs to throw a billion at his speech ghost writers as a few million just doesn't seem to cut it. If we're all going to have to listen to his rhetoric, should it not be at least mildly entertaining or thought provoking?

  3. Presidential Crumbs - exactly right.

    Let me get this straight....the inside the Beltway elites proclaim Barry's Nobel speech because he didn't trash our country too much?

    My, my, how we've lowered the bar for our affirmative action, cool jazz prez, the Prophet Obama. Did he tilt he head back, lift his chim up, looking down at us mere plebes, Caesar-like?

    As stated above, this idiot is a train wreck and not only has the lowest approval rating of any president this early in his administration, he will go down in history as the biggest Oval Office failure in centuries.

    Why? He hates our country, Western culture and rejects free enterprise. His policies are collectivist/statist/socialist.

    He is being rejected by the American people big time. He is a one termer no doubt.

  4. I think we should make a point of thanking Obama for finally saying something, anything, nice about America!

    Obama said something nice about America! Yay! I'm going to make sure everyone knows that I'm glad Obama finally said something nice about America!