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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Health Care Turkey Should Be Done

I do not underestimate the ability of the Democratic majority in Congress, under intense pressure from the White House, to pass some form of health care bill. What will pass, if it does, will be very, very close to the Senate bill passed on Christmas eve.

In a rational world, this health care turkey would be done, and we'd be sticking a fork in it. Here are some of the events of the past couple of days, in no particular order, which reflect a rational assessment of the bill:
  • Bob Herbert, Obama supporter, tore the bill apart as "a middle-class tax time bomb" misleadingly marketed as something it is not.
  • The Governors of the two largest Democratic states, California and New York, ripped the bill as imposing crushing burdens on state budgets.
  • 58% of voters oppose the bill, in the latest Rasmussen poll, a number which actually rose to 60% after the interviewees were given more information about specific health care issues; 78% are convinced that the bill will cost more than projected.
  • 67% of voters think the country is heading in the wrong direction, a number which jumps to 75% among unaffiliated voters.
  • Everyone knows that conservatives hate the mandates in bill, but the Left does too, with mounting calls for the Left and Right to join together to kill the mandate.

This bill should have been dead a long time ago. All that remains is a rotting corpse of health care reforms which do much harm and little good.

Let's hope we can kill this disaster waiting to happen before it happens.

Update: Scott Brown Winning The Online Battle

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