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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Biggest Defection of The Day (That You Never Heard About)

Forget the junior Congressman from Alabama who is defecting to the Republicans. The big defection of the day was the decision by Jane Hamsher, proprietor of the left-wing Firedoglake group blog and organizer of the Hadassah Lieberman boycott, to appear on Fox News to call for the Democratic health care proposals to be defeated.

While Hamsher is ultra-liberal, she points out that the Senate bill will lead to increased costs on the middle class. Sure, Hamsher may be harping on a point that is not key to her agenda, but she recognizes that she needs to appeal to more conservative voters if she is to kill the bill.

This is a case of the Left understanding -- for its own reasons -- why the Senate bill is a monstrosity. As I mentioned the other day, at least the left-wing has some principles, even if I disagree with those principles. The right-wing and vast center-right have principles, with which I agree.

The only people without principles are the Democrats in the Congress who are cutting backroom deals in an unseemly, secretive process in which legislators have been legally bribed for their votes with our money.

This process has created a truncated, haphazard, pork-laden, corrupt piece of legislation which should be defeated.

Needless to say, Hamsher is under severe attack not for her desire to kill the bill, but for appearing on Fox News. Hamsher explains her reasoning:

I went on Ed Shultz last night, and Fox deliberately today after yesterday’s hubub. It scares the bejesus out of the DC establishment of both parties to think that the left and right might align against the corporate interests that dominate the massive giveaways that keep happening no matter who’s in power.

Good. They should be scared.

This may be the only thing Hamsher has said with which I agree. Although I still wish she had left Hadassah Lieberman alone.

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  1. I signed Jane Hamshers's FDL Petition to Kill the Bill last night. At this point, I don't care why someone wants to kill it, I just want it dead. Right now, the enemy of my enemy is, to bring this quote into the 21st century, my frenemy.

  2. Frenemy. Lovin' that! And right on board with the sentiment.

  3. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

  4. Jane Hamsher is not one who brooks dissent well.

    Try to engage her or her readers with dissent and you will be banned. Moreover, your comments will "disappear."

    How convenient.

    That she feels the need to defend herself for appearing on Fox News speaks volumes as to the totalitarian (read liberal fascist) nature of her comrades and fellow travelers (not to be confused with the hated "rootless cosmopolitans" the Liebermans.)


  5. Question: But is the long-term strategy of the left to go back to the House and reintroduce "stuff" into that bill - stuff we had fought to dump? OR are we back to square one?

    No matter. What Whitehouse did yesterday and what other Democrats have done other days by their smears has been to teach the general populace that there is no freedom of speech or dissent unless you are willing to be branded a traitor or a racist. They keep hammering away at these things like Chinese water torture. Soon it will be embedded in the national psyche.

  6. What I couldn't figure out was how they could think someone with a name like Hadassah might be Jewish.

  7. Big story of the day, I hear rumors more will follow. Could it be a politician with a conscience??


  8. I love this. As Lenin said, “The worse the better.” The behaviour of the establishment leftists in America will make them unelectable for the next few decades. Their arrogance will be the end of them…

    On my blog, I wrote a few article on this very topic…

    About Obama jumping from the precipice…

    And what conservatives should do…


  9. Well, Jane is part of the reason we have the monstrosity before us that we do.

    But, that's beside the point. In this case she is actually correct. Must've stopped mainlining the kool-ade?

  10. What a great bill! Senators have to be BRIBED into accepting it, only the majority voted for it and the minority voted 100% against it. The majority of citizens don't want it. It's SO BAD that they had to hide it, violate Senate rules and protocol to jam it through, sneak votes during weekend holiday nights, and have to fudge the numbers to lie about it being "deficit neutral." It's SO BAD, they have managed to unite taxpayers on opposite sides of the spectrum to join the rest of us and rise up against it. It's SO BAD, they're already getting ready to file law suits against the Constitutionality of it before it even goes to Committee! They should be SO PROUD!

  11. I know this does not sound nice but it was not just Lenin but it was the whole Bolshevik party before the revolution that claimed any attempts to improve the system would just prolong it for the worst. I do admit that in this case I think the worse the democrats are this time around will give the republicans a better chance the next time around.
    I say let the democrats bury themselves