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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The "Other" Palin Beach Photo

PDS item of the day: A paparazzo with a long-range telephoto lense, hiding out in Hawaii to photograph Sarah Palin on vacation, snapped a photo of Palin in a campaign visor with the word "McCain" blackened out. TMZ scored the coup with the photo, and the nutroots have reacted with the predictable mix of scorn and amazement at Palin's media savvy.

Because Palin set up the whole situation, obviously.

The media coverage, however, has left out the best Palin beach photo (below) from the TMZ website.

Let me guess the PDS reaction to this photo: Palin was using Trig as a prop for the paparazzo with the long-range telephoto lense, knowing that TMZ would put the photo on its website, the media would ignore it, then I would see it and post about it. Thanks for the scoop!

Update: We have the answer to why she did it: "Could former Alaska governor Sarah Palin be annoyed that Tiger Woods is getting all the attention?"

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  1. This pic is going to set Andrew Sullivan back up her uterus for more investigative journalism. Is his little hand reaching out for his true mother?

  2. Now THIS is drivel. That this kind of a story should become a serious story put out there by the anti-Palin propaganda machine that grows legs tthat take it on to so many websites is an assault on our mentality. I am embarrassed that this kind of thing goes international. It is on a level with Dumb and Dumber plus 8; Octomom; and that all-time prize winning saga, Jen and Brad and Angelina. We are obsessed with crap and nonsense.

    Worst of all, when it comes to matters sartorial, the press goes after the female politicians. OK so my website has a story about Nancy Pelosi's face lifts and boob-hugging jackets that still garners more hits than any other story. But it is tastefully bad because it is political humor not political negativism and manipulated truth masquerading as news. The proof is in the photos used. Besides, Nancy Pelosi is deserving of a couple of humorous digs. As the warden of the House of Representatives and of Senator Reid, she is no laughting matter and we need relief from her maniacle moves. Trust me. It is hard work making Nancy Pelosi come off as the subject of great humor. But I'm getting those hits.

    The Palin bashers have the opposite problem, they have a hard time writing these "serious" stories about Sarah Palin with a straight face. They'll get hits today but not a month after their story launched as I have. Hey fellas, I'm getting the last laugh,lol.

  3. Who cares good for her let her continue with her 15mins. All she is doing is keeping her name in the media so we can talk about her. I bet Mccain is happy she blacked it out, she did him a favor. I have a funny Sarah Palin video on my blog check it out. http://alternateviewsnews.blogspot.com/

  4. Jhess,
    Exactly how is SHE "keeping her name in the media" if some guy is hiding in the bushes, taking her picture, and selling it to a tabloid?

    BTW, she'll be around a lot longer than 15 minutes. Those of us who understand her, understand that.

  5. Thanks for posting the sweet picture. You say it didn't make it on the TMZ site? Wonder why - not.

  6. You know what this is? This is a regular gal, a person like me, who didn't want to throw away a perfectly good visor, but didn't want to give attention to McCain or make any statement. She is just being thrifty. I've done the same thing!

    The left is like little kids seeing monsters under their beds.

  7. oops, I meant: you say the media didn't post this picture? I definitely don't wonder why. They're so afraid to give her positive press, even if it's just a picture that they could write a snarky tag line for. Oh well, the fight for good over evil continues as it ever will.

  8. Anyone even consider she blacked out the name to try to keep people from either figuring out who she is, or to keep idiot moron leftists from haranguing her about being a right-wing baby killing chicken hawk Bible thumping hate filled global warming denying creationist racist? Just wondering...........

  9. Funny, but you'd think this pitbull with lipstick would show a little more gratitude and appreciation for the man that basically made her the most undeserved political celebrity of the last 10 years. Without Mccain no one would know her, but I am sure the usual low class reactionary morons would find a another kindred mind to rally around

  10. Sarah be gots some nice legs, dawg..


  11. Sarah Palin wears visor, makes news. And some want to believe there is no such thing as Palin Derangement Syndrome.

  12. She could easily surpass Princess Diana as one of the most photographed woman in the world. She certainly is more beautiful. Her integrity seems to surpass that of Princess Diana, too.
    Remember, obesity is at 44% levels. Post-Aborts are at 47% (both men and women) by age 45. De-population is very popular with the Lefties. (When will they kill themselves to reduce life here on "climate-gate" farce planet?)