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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Now You Can Feel Sorry For Me

Maurice Hinchey is the Congressman whose district includes Ithaca, NY, where I live during the school year. Hinchey is as "out there" as they come.

Hinchey led an effort to impeach George W. Bush in the Summer of 2008, when Bush was just a few months away from leaving office anyway. But then again, this is Ithaca.

Now Hinchey has accused the Bush administration of "deliberately" "intentionally" letting Osama bin Laden go free at Tora Bora in December 2001, so as to justify the war in Iraq (which was launched in March 2003):
“Look what happened with regard to our invasion into Afghanistan, how we apparently intentionally let bin Laden get away,” Hinchey said during an interview on MSNBC.

“That was done by the previous administration because they knew very well that if they would capture al Qaeda, there would be no justification for an invasion in Iraq,” the Democratic congressman continued.

“There’s no question that the leader of the military operations of the U.S. called back our military, called them back from going after the head of al Qaeda.”

When host David Shuster followed up to ask if Hinchey really thought Bush “deliberately let Osama bin Laden get away,” the congressman responded:
“Yes, I do.”
Here's the video (h/t HotAir):

But I don't want you to feel sorry for me for having a Congressman such as Hinchey. My full time residence, and where I vote, is in Rhode Island. So Hinchey is not really my Congressman.

My "real" Congressman is Patrick Kennedy.

Now you can feel sorry for me.

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  1. Oh man, that is tough luck on the where-I-vote bad luck.

    I live in a district that was deliberately jerry-mandered to be represented by Lloyd Doggett.

    So I know how that sucks.

  2. Sorry for you? My congressman is Jerrold Nadler.

  3. My sympathies to Mr. Jacobson and Just Thinking.

    When I moved from the Upper West Side back to Missouri two years ago, I figured there were no conservatives left in Nadler's district.

    I wonder if Mr. Jacobson has considered throwing his hat in the ring. It would drive the left nuts if an ivy educated intellectual conservative won against a Kennedy.

  4. Hmm... the person occupying my district's seat in the House (I can't really call her my representative) is Laura Richardson. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised she's not a member of President Obama's administration... with her mortgage problems, I figured she was a shoe-in for HUD, or at least "foreclosure czar".

    My Senators are Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

  5. The way the Democrats reacted to the August town hall meetings was instructive. They are incapable of honest, balanced, non- partisan discussion or interpretation of events. They did not listen to the people who attended the August meetings. (Barney Frank kept telling his constituents "You have to understand....".) One Congressman from down near Ithaca was overheard saying on an open mic: "I will not vote for what my people want; I will vote for what I think is the best thing for them"

    In short,their minds are always made up!

    So if your representative is a Democrat, welcome to the world of perpetual winter. And you can't just throw the bums out at the next election. they cling to their power like pilot fish.

    Osama Bin Laden has a million desert rat pals who know the territory better than we do. That what got him outta there! Our military is not an undefeated football team with a Presidential coach. It is a goup of trained professionals who don't always get it right.

    I seriously doubt that President Bush, Texas Ranger that he was and is, was on the phone to the men in the field saying - just let him go, eh? Word of that clandestine call would surely have quickly become de-clandestinified.

    No, Congressman, our "team" makes mistakes. To have brought Bush up on charges would have been like inviting a catapillar up onto a table and asking him to take his fur coat off. It just would not have made sense.


  6. My "real" Congressman is Patrick Kennedy.
    ___Now you can feel sorry for me.

    LOL!   Opps, I mean, sorry Professor.

  7. "only in Ithaca" is a phrase I have stated outloud and in my head every day.

    I guess that what's meant by the bumper sticker: 10 square miles surrounded by reality.

  8. I am as embarrassed for you as I am for myself--my representative is Congressman-for-life, Baghdad Jim McDermott.

  9. I'm represented by one of the most liberal Congressman in New York, Paul Tonko. However, a Kennedy as your representative...God bless you sir!