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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three Questions for Mrs. Tiger

I want to believe Tiger Woods' statement that the rumors about his wife attacking him are false. Refusing to speak with the police, however, is not a good sign.

One issue keeps popping back into my mind on this. Tiger's wife reportedly helped extricate him from the car by smashing a window with a golf club.

So where did she get the golf club?

Even in the Tiger Woods household, it is hard to believe that Mrs. Woods first thought, upon realizing that her husband's car had crashed, was "let me grab a golf club." And at 2:25 in the morning, it is doubtful that she was practicing her chip shot at the time.

Second question.

Why didn't she just open the door? The photos show only damage to the front end. The Escalade SUV is a big vehicle, and it is hard to believe that none of the doors would open merely because of a relatively modest front-end collision.

Third question.

Why am I blogging about this? Another waste of a good education (see, I said it, so no need to send e-mails telling me what I already know).

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  1. One wonder what Tiger did to lead his wife shatter the glass of his SUV with a golf club while he tried to escape her Swedish wrath.

    I'm reminded of this truth: "No matter how good looking a woman is, someone, somewhere, is sick of her shit."

  2. Nevermind Tiger, if we're going into stories like this, can we get a comment on what happens to Huckabee IF he indeed released the guy who just killed 4 cops?

  3. There was someone else Huckabee helped release - not an acutal pardon, but wrote a letter saying he wished he would be paroled, and then he was paroled - name was Wayne Dumond and he ended up murdering a woman soon after release.

  4. Another question for Mr and Mrs Tiger. Why did he leave the house at 2:30 a.m.? Why did he run into a fire hydrant? Did she run out to the street, see what the situation was and then back into the house to find an implement to bash open the back window? I think if Tiger didn't have kids to worry about, we'd know the story. If they separate and she is a violent psycho type, but Tiger can't prove it, she'll get custody of the kids or at least major visitation time if not joint custody, and he won't be able to protect them from mommie dearest. He seems like a decent guy, I hope I'm wrong and I bet he puts aides on her so we never will see this sort of thing again. But behind the elegant closed doors - could be a nightmare.

  5. Just to answer the question as to why she didn't just open the doors... Perhaps she would have needed her keys. Our Tahoe locks as soon as you put it into gear and then doesn't unlock until we click the buttons to unlock it. In other words, it doesn't unlock if the truck is in park. I suspect Elin may have raced out through the garage and it would have been easier to just grab a golf club.

    Have to agree with uncledan, though. Who cares about this? I'm done caring.

    On to Maurice Clemmons. Has he been caught yet?

  6. I suspect the car doors were locked; in most newer cars the doors lock automatically when you put the car in drive.

    If a woman was chasing after YOU with a golf club, would YOU unlock the doors?

    I wouldn't.

  7. I won't bet on the outcome of this horse race but I love reading about it. I have two advanced degrees and you can see me staning at the magazine rack in my local grocery store reading trash - lovely, inviting and mind soothing trash. It loosens the cerebral knots and relaxes me. My friends say that they go into the store, see me; they exit after shopping for an hour and I am still there. Bless them. They notice me! Hey, I also want to be "hip" and get some new vocabulary with which I will eventually have to deal. So for all of these reasons, I will follow the Tiger saga. My celebrity caveat to myself is this: Their pressures their money are both so much that at some point it is not surprising that they crack. SamHenry