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Saturday, November 21, 2009

AP Whines About Fair Use, But Scans Palin Book

The Associated Press has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent bloggers and websites linking to, and quoting, traditional media content:
Taking a new hard line that news articles should not turn up on search engines and Web sites without permission, The Associated Press said Thursday that it would add software to each article that shows what limits apply to the rights to use it, and that notifies The A.P. about how the article is used.
So I was interested to learn from one of my readers that AP has scanned Sarah Palin's new book, Going Rogue, in a clear move of copyright hypocrisy:
The organization, which has taken a very maximalist position on copyright, where fair use gets mostly ignored, apparently had no problem scanning Sarah Palin's entire book into a computer so that reporters could search it.... Funny how the law seems oh so different when it limits what you can do, than when it's about limiting what our competitors can do...
Funny, indeed.

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  1. It is very ironic that they scanned her book for others to see. They even became creative in the proces by making a word cloud so that others could see the most used words in her novel; this in addition to the team of the so called fact checkers the AP is using.

    To be honest, Palin isn't my cup of tea. However, the littany of personal attacks that this woman has been subjected to from the likes of Andrew Sullivan to the recent comments by David Frum (she brought the Newsweek cover on herself because she uses her sexuality to promote herself politically?) has become way past despicable.

  2. I hope Palin and/or her publisher file suit

  3. Different rules for me than for thee!

    I used to quote AP stories on my blog and linked to them with attribution. Now, if AP is the only source I can find, I paraphrase the story with no link.
    I wonder how that's working out for them as a business model?

  4. I ‘m willing to bet, venture to say, believe that proof of AP “slant” reporting can be traced to the individual reporter’s educational background, specifically those journalism courses taught by educators who are as a group are 85% registered Democrats. Journalism schools do not teach factual reporting but “slant” reporting, that liberal style that promotes a liberal or socialistic cause. Knowing about the writer of an article is a help, but that information is often not readily available. Sadly, when you read AP, be on guard.
    Joseph E Mersnik, Sr.