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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mary Landrieu Should Make Edwin Edwards Proud

Mary Landrieu should make Edwin Edwards proud. After being criticized for taking $100 million in earmarked aid for Louisiana as part of Harry Reid's health care bill, Landrieu shot back:

“I will correct something. It’s not $100 million, it’s $300 million, and I’m proud of it and will keep fighting for it,” Landrieu told reporters after her floor speech. “But that is not why I started this health care debate; I started this health care debate for all the reasons I just mentioned in my statement” on the floor.
In your face, people.

How are you going to "keep fighting for it" unless you keep voting "yes" on the bill, Mary? I think you may have just revealed something here. Inadvertently.

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  1. Wonder how much will end up in her freezer?

  2. The national debt is now 12 trillion dollars.
    That's 1.2% of a QUADRILLION dollars.
    Tonight, the Senate voted to get healthcare moving - the CBO estimates that will cost what, 2-4 trillion or so?
    So they sprinkled it with what THEY leaked to us as a $100 million payoff to Landreau - who comes running out like a giggly schoolgirl and laughs that no - it was really $300 million.
    Like Mr. Jacobson said - 'In your face!'
    Do any of the Democrats or their supporters see the irony upon irony unfolding tonight?
    Is it true what Limbaugh said that these guys are suicide bombers for Socialism - even if it wipes them out?
    Or is there something more insidious here that we haven't seen yet?

  3. Mr. Jacobson, I know you have a lot of stuff on the plate this weekend with this healthcare, et al. However, I would like to request that you expound on the hacked emails story.

  4. Must have been Landrieu's biggest trick turned to date.

  5. Brazen, miscreant! Proud of robbing $300 million from taxpayers?! Did the CBO estimate include Harry Reid's vote buying spree? Is there anyone who still believes this phony HR Bill will reduce the deficit when this is already the cost of just 'starting the debate'?

    There should be a national emergency referendum to remove these Sociopathic Senators and congressmen from office.

  6. The fact is Landrieu is just another corrupt Washington politician. $100 million here, $300 million there. Spread it around to your friends. Then have a 'fund raiser' and have your friends give it back to yourself and your fellow politician arrangers. Sounds like a Democrat. Or, a Republican.

    This act, not healthcare itself, is the real evidence of our demise.

  7. I'd like to know how much money she has gotten - from Stimulus and all other sources...
    from her own site: She got plenty of plenty of "Stimulus" money, she didn't need to do this.
    ◼ $17.4M
    ◼ $10.3M
    ◼ $450,000
    ◼ $388M + $718.1M + $324M... plus, plus, plus, plus...
    billions of dollars for Louisiana projects and programs, including $718.1 million to the State of Louisiana through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
    Today's funding is made accessible per Louisiana's application approval for Part 1 of the State Stabilization Funds. Louisiana will be eligible to apply for an additional $191 million of the State Stabilization Funds this fall.
    To date, Louisiana has received more than $324 million in education stimulus funds—representing a combination of funding for Title I, IDEA, Vocational Rehabilitation Grants, Independent Living Grants, Impact Aid and Government Services funds. On April 1st, Louisiana received $88.6 million in Title I funding and nearly $101 million in IDEA funding. This represents 50 percent of the Title I and IDEA funding Louisiana is eligible for in total. On April 1, Louisiana also received nearly $5 million in Vocational Rehab funds and more than $726,000 in Independent Living funds. On April 10, Louisiana received more than $173,000 in Impact Aid funding.

    Wonder what it adds up to per person.