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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who We Are As A Nation - Nov. 2009 Edition

This is my obligatory "Obama changed his mind on military tribunals" post.

Back in 2006 when the Senate debated the legislation creating constitutionally acceptable military tribunals, as a reaction to the Supreme Court ruling in the Hamdan case, Obama was confident that a full military tribunal trial was appropriate even for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, although Obama disagreed with the Bush administration as to the specifics of the tribunals.

In May 2009, Obama announced "revamped" military tribunals, using procedures and protections which supposedly cured all the Bush-era problems. Obama had the military tribunal system he always wanted.

But now Obama's own military tribunal system is not good enough for KSM and a handful of others.

All of the sudden, despite years of contrary public statements, Obama finds that putting KSM on trial in a civilian court under civilian rules is fundamental to who we are as a nation. So that must mean we have changed who we are as a nation since May 2009.

A civilian trial in civilian court, where KSM will get his chance to mock his victims in a public forum and to put the Bush adminstration on trial; and where KSM's defense lawyers will get the chance to use the system of law we apply to civilians to find a loophole to delay or defend someone who is not a civilian.

So here is the obligatory 2006 video of soon-to-be Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama promising that KSM would be put on trial in a military tribunal, courtesy of Breitbart TV:

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