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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barack Horatio Hornblower

Obama's speech at Fort Hood has been declared to be his greatest speech ever. Seemed appropriate, but pedestrian, to me. Now if Obama had spoken from the heart without a teleprompter, that would have been special.

I much preferred Obama's "my pet goat" speech, when Obama delayed commenting on the Fort Hood shooting to give a shout-out to a Congressional Medal of Honor winner who wasn't really a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.

Want to hear a really great speech by a Democratic President? Here is Jimmy Carter's 1980 convention acceptance speech.

Listen long enough, until 3:10, when Jimmy Carter called the recently-deceased Hubert Horatio Humphrey "Hubert Horatio Hornblower."

Love it. At least he didn't give HHH a shout out.

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  1. He bears an eerie resemblance to John Edwards, in more ways than one.

  2. There is a real difference between not disappointing children or alarming them, and getting up in front of the press and doing a shout out.

    I did not watch the speech given at Ft. Hood. I am sorry but that man just makes me feel sick to the stomach. I cannot stand to listen to his voice. He can be so very emotionless except when it comes to anger over the death of Tiller the baby killer, and then going over the top and ordering that abortion clinics be protected just in case it was a co-ordinated effort, rather than the work of one man who had a beef with Tiller because an ex-girlfriend had an abortion.

  3. Please! Hornblower was a patriot, officer, and a gentleman! Obama is an egotistical Chicago street thug. No comparison.

  4. Plus, Hornblower carefully restrained himself from verbiage; he was a brilliant man of action. Obama is a dud blabberer lacking in ideas and critical thought.

  5. I didn't hear the whole speech, but I tuned in to the part where he was eulogizing the fallen, and it struck me as phony as he was speaking of these people as if he knew them. The eulogies should have been left to families and friends, not some egotist with a teleprompter!