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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Politico Sure Does Have Pull

Memeorandum is the source for what is happening in the U.S. political blogosphere. Using some mysterious method, apparently based on an algorithm and Voodoo, Memeorandum captures the hot stories from blogs and online news sources.

Getting a Memeorandum thread is a good thing for a blogger, and appearing high on Memeorandum's Leaderboard is a sign of a blog's influence in the blogosphere.

So when I saw this thread, I figured Memeorandum was reporting a death, departure, or other significant event in the life of Jim VandeHei, co-founder of perennial Leaderboard star Politico.com:

But clicking on the link revealed that the source of the story was VandeHei's bio page at Politico. Having one's bio page as the source of a Memeorandum thread, now that's pull.

Hey Memeorandum algorithm, witch doctor, whatever, how about this for a thread?

On second thought, maybe not. Try this instead.

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  1. Not sure how the dudes with 25 lbs. brains at Memeorandum manage to come with the top political blogosphere buzz, but it's an invaluable service to those of us who like to see what's going on. So I'll forgive them for this lame link. After all, it's Sunday.

  2. Memeorandum seems to ignore Instapundit links (generally a good idea). I've noticed them linking to things he's linked to, but without a link to his post. It was probably something like that: an idiot linked Vanderhei's name to his bio (instead of linking his name to an anti-Vanderhei page), but the site was link Insty.

    P.S. Anyone have any ideas why Insty, PJTV, Freedomworks, and all the rest weren't promoting these tea party events? It's a complete mystery!