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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leave Room For Harry Reid's Turkey

Any day (minute, hour?) Harry Reid will release his health care restructuring plan. If reports are true, Reid plans to start debate as soon as he can get the necessary votes, and have the Senate work Saturdays until Reid gets his up or down vote on the Senate floor.

We don't know what the bill will look like, but based upon the Senate committee bills, it almost certainly will be a turkey. There will be hundreds of onerous provisions, some of which are obvious and some of which are harder to uncover. The overall thrust of the plan is as bad as the details; moving the country away from market solutions and towards complete government control of the health care system. As I have detailed here many times, the Democratic proposals are disasters waiting to happen, both for our individual liberties and the economy.

While reviewing the bill will be distasteful, leave room for digesting Harry Reid's turkey while you celebrate Thanksgiving. Only by exposing the truth about the bill can this turkey be stopped.

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