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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Greatest Celebrity's Reality Show

It's not Obama's fault that two publicity-seeking reality-show wannabees crashed the State Dinner for the Indian Prime Minister, any more than it was Obama's fault that the Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded Obama the undeserved Peace Prize.

In the absence of any real achievements by Obama, however, these quirks of fate seem destined to define Obama in a way that is damaging to his presidency.

The greatest celebrity on earth increasingly is being viewed just as the McCain campaign predicted. The phrase "reality show" is not something any president wants mentioned in close proximity to his name, much less in photographs plastered all over the internet (and the White House news feed).

The photo of Obama warmly greeting the bleached-blonde stick-thin faux-famous reality-show hopeful is an image which will enter the public consciousness.

And there is not much Obama can do about it.

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  1. You are quite correct but it doesn't inspire much confindence. Let's face it, now every terrorist knows all they would have had to do is hire a blond and crash a WH event to get close to the leader of the free world. Oh, and when they take over health care, our medical records will be as secure as the president of the US.

  2. Am I alone in thinking that if this couple has the kind of misrepresentation and debt problems that we're now uncovering, they probably pose a security risk? And so it should be HUGE news that she got all the way to the President?
    What would have happened if Bush's people had allowed this?