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Friday, November 20, 2009

Why The "Hacked E-Mails" Don't Interest Me, Yet

The internet is on fire due to the heat generated by the e-mails hacked from a British climate institute, "allegedly" showing that some scientists, in order to justify their grant money, may have phonied-up some global climate numbers.

I refuse to join the bandwagon alerting the world to the "alleged" hoax.

Because I am too busy monitoring Andrew Sullivan's blog so that I can be the second to find out what really was in Sarah Palin's uterus in early 2008.

In other news, Sarah Palin's Uterus also is following Sullivan's investigation.

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  1. The back and forth of the email matches exactly with what those who are regulars to Climate Audit read daily on the blog itself including the timeline of emails directly concerning Steve McIntyre. Its even ends chronologically corrent with Kevin Briffa being both ill and exposed. What it truly interesting is how quicky those so closing ranks in earlier emails distance themselves when his using the Yamal 12 over the Yamal ALL comes to light. All in all a very interesting 157mb of data... uncompressed.

    Oh and HadleyCRU director Phil Jones told Investigative magazine's TGIF edition they indeed were hacked and the data flying all over the internet appears to be genuine.

  2. The hacked emails interest ME!
    I've been over to some of the big climate change sites.
    Their excuse for not posting the emails is that they were illegally obtained.
    They're getting hammered pretty bad in the comments sections. Record numbers of comments. One or two sites won't even discuss the emails.
    The defense has ranged from: 'Even Conservative Andrew Sullivan at LGF knows not to overreact to this stuff' to, 'What would happen if we hacked the emails of the global warming deniers' to 'this is just an example of interoffice discussions' in other words - nothing to see here! Move along.
    The best one I've seen yet is along the lines of:
    'the anti-global warming crowd will use these emails as proof that they were right. For now, let's just move along and stick to the science.'

    In other news, HuffPo posters are in a raging fury over the 'dumbest woman in the world who they don't even care about for a minute'. There have been at least a dozen articles on her over there. The comments are a firestorm of hate.

  3. Above, I said 'Andrew Sullivan' - meant Charles Johnson.

  4. Whatsupwiththat and Climate Audit are not shying away from this. Go there if you are interested in more, download the data and do a sort using "Steve McIntyre" in the email folder. Then just follow the sequence of events which goes from disdain and slander towards McIntyre to having "nothing to do with the Yamal tree samples" and distancing themselves from both Mann and Briffa.

    One really interesting undercurrent is the reoccurring theme of "how dare they challenge us" and keeping the media talk alive on Global Warming. They go into community organizer mode when the poll comes out on only 38% believing man made Global Warming in America. They even talk of trying to get a couple hundred scientists on board. I thought the consensus was tens of thousands strong?