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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Berkeley Students Should Be Protesting Obamacare

The students taking over buildings at U.C. Berkeley are protesting large pending tuition increases. The ultra-liberal campus has a sense of entitlement out of whack with the reality of California; liberal economic policies have ruined California's economy, so these students will have to get used to paying a few thousand dollars more a year.

But if these students really were smart, they would be protesting the health care bills which are on the verge of passing in Washington.

In addition to all the other problems, those bills force younger people (20 and 30-somethings) to subsidize everyone else. Only by forcing young people into mandated insurance at rates higher than they otherwise would pay can coverage be expanded to older people (40 and 50-somethings) who can't or won't pay for their own health insurance.

So keep protesting tuition increases, geniuses, while Obama and the Democrats in Congress sell your future.

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  1. Another appearance of the NIMBY principle....

  2. I am a conservative in a social work program. Often, the discussions in my classes rely heavily on a sense of "right" rather than what is even affordable, sustainable, and feasible. If this is the state of mind of those undertaking the passage of the healthcare bill, we should be very concerned for our future as a nation. I think few people in my generation have ever had to truly sacrifice for anything, but the pain will come swiftly when they realize that they have sold their future and the future of their children for their twisted sense of right and wrong.