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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hacked E-mails Skeptic No More

When the story of the e-mails "hacked" (or leaked) from a British climate institute first exploded, I was very cautious. I'm turning from a "hacked e-mails skeptic" to a "hacked e-mails believer" for two reasons.

First, numerous bloggers have done a good job exploring and explaining the e-mails (including, but certainly not limited to, Doug Ross, John Hinderaker, Andrew Bolt, and James Delingpole). Even supporters of global warming theories recognize the damaging nature of the e-mails, although still defending the overall nature of the science.

Second, the conduct of the left-wing blogs and mainstream media reflects an uneasiness. An initial couple of days of dismissiveness have given way to a silence reminiscent of the Van Jones affair. As the videos and audios of Jones dribbled out day-after-day, the usually vocal blogs and mainstream media pundits fell silent, reduced to watching centrist- and right-wing blogs and Fox News dig out the truth.

The final chapter has not been written, but it appears that the "hacked" e-mails are genuine, and reflect genuine intellectual dishonesty among researchers at and interacting with a prominent climate control institute.

How far the scandal goes remains to be seen. But some things are for sure:

The mainstream media will play little or no role in investigating the scandal, and will actively attempt to marginalize the effects by focusing on how the e-mails were obtained. And the left-wing blogs will have no choice but to sit idly by as the Van Joneses of the global warming community twist in the wind.

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  1. This is yet another symptom of the "by any means necessary" mentality that has overtaken my former party. It's part of a larger pattern that I first saw the light about during the 2008 primary caucuses.

    No amount of dishonesty, intellectual or otherwise, disturbs them at this point. I don't know what else to say.

  2. Do I hear Pulitzer Prize for journalism for the reporters who unearth this scandal? Did someone say this is the Pentagon Papers scandal for the Global Warming movement? Nah, those prizes and scandals only are geared toward anti conservative/
    republican reportage. When the left is in the cross hairs why dissent is positively anti american and reporting on the scandals of the left is a hate crime.

  3. The e-mails were compiled by CRU staff in compliance with a FOIA request(s). They may have been accidentally released or intentionally leaked, but the only hacks here are the scientists manipulating data to support what has become religious doctrine.

  4. Prof Jacobsen

    The emails are nothing compared to the state of the data and the code used to analyze and model the data. In effect, the datasets are irretrievably corrupted (un-annotated, of uncertain nature, possibly duplicative, and in some cases just missing) and the code just works around that corruption in undocumented ways to return the desired analysis and models.

    In other words, every paper based on those data, analysis, or models should be thrown out. Every paper that cites those papers should be examined to see if their conclusions were valid. Literally decades of scientific research has been thrown away because this $*($^^# would not allow anyone to review the data or code.

    In the future, keepers such as CRU (who supposedly kept one of the four datasets for worldwide temperature) should be forced to:

    1. adhere to ISO IEC 9003 software standards

    2. provide public tests that the code can run in order to prove both the dataset and code validity

    3. make ALL the datasets and code open to viewing by anyone, not just climatologists. There are thousands of software engineers/scientific programmers who would have LOTS to say about the state of the datasets and code were we to have had a chance to review it.

    just my $0.02 worth (before hyperinflation, of course)

  5. I sure hope this blog as well as others, updates on this daily. This must not ever be laid to rest until we get justice. The ramifications of this are too huge to ignore. This is actually bigger than our economic crisis because it affects the whole world.

  6. Some of the best updates on this growing scandal can be found at the Andrew Bolt blog, as well as Tim Blair and Piers Akerman (all Australian). There is an Australian angle. We are "blessed" with the global warmongering of Tim Flannery and others. Just today I saw a report from the Melbourne Age with more global warming alarmism. The author of the article made no mention of this Climategate scandal.

    We are in the same peril as the USA with the Senate preparing to pass our version of cap and tax. It is preposterous that the leader of the Opposition is so wilfully blind about the fact that this data is so corrupted and tainted.

    Other really good blogs are Bishop Hill and Newsbusters. There is plenty of information available on the scandal.

    There are some global warming scientists with integrity who have come out and stated the obvious about this scandal.

    This is growing daily.