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Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Medical Records Are Absolutely Safe

Do not worry that your electronic medical records, once in the possession of the government, will not be safe. The government has extensive procedures in place to assure that the never, ever, could there be a breach of security.

These security procedures have been developed and tested by the Secret Service, so you can sleep well at night knowing that your most personal details are safe from prying eyes.

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. That picture was obviously photoshopped! Obama isn't bowing to anybody!

  2. This is brilliant, alought I am not surprised.

    The sad fact that everything about us is ALREADY out there. I bank online because, well, the Bank already has my account information online in its databank.

    Medical records you say? The cutting edge of the transfer of radiology images is here. In the Universit of Rochester system, if you go to their "circle" of doctors in a million disciplines, your record is at a million desktops. Further, you can have your inner self snapped and the x-ray will be sent through the internet at star speed. One good thing, when you go to make an appointment with someone in the "network." you can't double book. A list of ALL of your appointments pops up. Now all of this is time-saving and cost-effective BUT the tradeoff? Inaccuracies in records will be transmitted and perhaps downloaded and retained; the not so careful data entry clerk may leave your record up and walk away - hard to controll all the clerks in the network - in other words, there may be 50 ways to leave your lover but there are a million and one ways your identity leaves you.

  3. As an active duty Soldier in the Army I'm afforded the tax payer provided healthcare known as TRICARE. The Army, in its infinite wisdom, does not allow Soldiers who are moving (PCSing) to carry their medical records from one installation to another. During my last move in Janurary 2009 for the first time in ten years my medical records were lost...

    What do you think will happen to your records? TO the 300 million Americans records?

  4. One thing that's curious to me is that, in one fell swoop, they can undo a multitude of laws that currently govern medical records, which include mental health records and (distinct from both of these) alcohol/drug records.

  5. Well, at least samadimp has it right. Only very silly and very naive Americans do not yet understand that there is virtually no more privacy left with regards to one's personal information.

    Medical records? Ha! What a joke! Everybody wearing scubs and many who don't get to peruse your medical and psychological records. Bank records? Tax returns? Ha! Just become involved in a lawsuit and you'll find out how much about you can easily be known. The supermarket knows your favorite foods and what you drink. Amazon.com knows what you read and play with.

    Give this sham up. Privacy is history.

  6. Apart from the fact that anyone with a computer knows that no system is unhackable, including the Pentagon,NATO and our electrical grid. Why would we believe that our medical records would be safe in the hands of the government? Didn't some State Department employees take it upon themselves to check out the files of the Presidential candidates in 2008 and how about the abuse of power towards, "Joe the Plumber"?

    I think the issue about the lack of security around the President begs the question, just how safe is our country if those charged with protecting the President are so incompetent? That is ultimately what scares me.

  7. Is that the Indian Prime Minister next to Obama? That would be really bad. In such a case not only did Obama get exposed to a security breach, but a world leader from a country often targeted by terrorists was also compromised. Yikes!!!