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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank You, Honduras

Hondurans voted yesterday, and it appears that a rival of Manuel Zelaya has won. For those of you who regularly read this blog, you know of the struggle of Honduras not only against Zelaya and his primary backer, Hugo Chavez, but also against the Obama administration.

The Honduran election is a massive win for the good guys, and a massive loss for Chavez and Daniel Ortega. It is unfortunate that I also have to say that it is a loss for Obama, who staked out an unprincipled position which used words of principle, then backed down.

Honduras was the wrong target for Obama, and the fact that Honduras was able to stand up to the world will have many unintended consequences.

Here's some commentary from around the web:
Here are just a few of my prior posts on the situation in Honduras:
Congratulations to Honduras. And thanks.

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  1. Conservatives are rightly celebrating the politial win in Honduras, but they are largely ignoring what happened with the Uruguayan elections.

    It was close, but the apparent winner of the Uruguayan election is a leftist who was a rebel that led the guerrilla movement in the '60s and '70s when he was bombing and kidnapping members of the "establishment". He's cut from the same cloth as the Castros, Chavez, Ortega, etc.

  2. The people of the Honduras have spoken.

    I have seen nothing at all about Uruguay. If another leftist has taken control, then this is bad news indeed.

  3. Obama's such a bad President that even when he tries to suppress the legal and lawful and moral authority of the Honduras people, he messes is up. Now he is going to backtrack and stop supporting the people Castro tell him to- I wonder though, will Obama bow to Mr. Lobo?

  4. The Hondurans struck a blow for Constitutional government. Maybe Obama could go down and take lessons?

  5. Another massive win in Honduras today:

    The congress voted 111 to 14 to not restore Zelaya. Honduras has spoken! What now?

  6. Honduras has managed to dodge the bullet for now. A shining example of Democracy in Action. At the same time, relentless, well coordinated attacks from the collectivist left continue here and everywhere. No supporter of freedom can ever relax, anywhere!