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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Senate to Start Debate Monday on Bill No One Has Seen

Harry Reid has a big announcement: Debate will start on Monday on the health care bill! (Assuming Reid gets enough votes to start debate).

Which health care bill? We do not know. Reid has not released the bill. He's keeping it in his rather-large back pocket until he gets what he hopes will be a favorable CBO score.

Why the secrecy?

Why not. It's the way everything has been done in this process. Hold back your cards, then announce that a decision must be made quickly or the sky will fall.

Chicken Little legislative tactics.

Republicans and moderate Democrats like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman should send Reid a message: No debate until everyone has had sufficient time to understand what it is they are debating.

Let Reid sit on his legislative chicken wings for a few days while everyone reads his bill, then -- and only then -- start debate.

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  1. You would think a rational human being with nothing to hide, and not afraid to defend it would agree with your sentiment. Especially when they don't really want what they pass to take effect (the benefit part, not the tax part) until after Obama is safely re elected. If health care reform was really a good thing, and they were willing to bet the farm(country) on it, they would flip the sequence so people could experience the benefit before paying for it.

    A lot of those evil profit seeking businesses allow customers a trial run before commitment, you would think the government could at least match those incentives.

    Silly me, usually you sweeten things before you give the bad news or medicine. I suspect that paying higher taxes will be better than the health care recieved. And they know it too.

  2. Enough of this idiocy - how does one debate, much less vote on, 2000 pages of gibberish that no one has read?
    The full Congress should be called into manditory session and made to listen as every word of this proposal is read and explained in plain English.
    TERM LIMITS should be held up for a national vote by all the people. Maybe if these Congressmen weren't so busy trying to stay in office, they would have time to do the job for which they were elected.

  3. It's increasingly frustrating that the politicians don't care one whit about what the people have to say and are instead locked in on forcing this anti-Constitution legislation. I'm watching again this morning, the real time widget – http://www.learcapital.com/exactprice – and gold reached this morning $1,118.80.

    All that is to me is evidence to the market reacting to the horrible fiscal and monetary policy.

    I'm all for reform of the health care system, but a bill this size and secrecy can't be reform. It's expansion and inflation. I saw Pelosi say it's as historic and as great a bill as the social security bill and medicare bill. Problem there is that that both are failures!

  4. I don't see how you can run a Blog like this and be allowed to be a law professor as well!

    You must be denounced the PC Mafia which comprises almost the totality of higher education!

    They will quickly see you end this constant stream of hard facts, insightful comments, and reasonability; and cast you into the racist and xenophobic outer darkness that is the lot of us not in higher education.