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Monday, November 16, 2009

Live Blogging Sarah -- Get a Life People

Andrew Sullivan is "Live Blogging" Oprah's interview of Sarah Palin (screen shot below). Probably waiting for the question as to who is Trig's real mother. Do we really need to "fact check this notion that losing vice-presidential candidates get to speak on election night"? That must be "Lie No. 33."

So is Wonkette (Photoshop is warming up) and Gawker. And The Guardian. And Jezebel. And The Awl.

Get a life, people. Palin is so far into your head she's about to give you an aneurysm.

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  1. The self-importance of the liberal elite just doesn't stop. Oh yeah but I forgot that these are the same enlightened people who think that cultural relativism allows women to endure honor killings and female genital mutilation so what's a little American mysogyny aimed at the former Vice-Presidential candidate. Lord knows them women folk can't chew gum and walk at the same time-My bad...

  2. That writing style just completely turns me off, how does anyone manage to read this snippy little Sullivan man?

  3. I watched the interview. Sarah was very friendly, concise, and knowledgeable! I'm sure Oprah's show's ratings went through the roof today.

  4. I think its obvious to everyone but Excitable Andy that his sole reason for despising her is that he literally, utterly, wishes that he was her. She is everything- physically, intellectually, socially, etc- that he ever wanted to be. Its like watching the strange, kinda fat, ugly girl who sat in the back of the class every day in high school, scribbling furiously in her Hello Kitty notebook, who was consumed with a blood vendetta against the head cheerleader (who never did a thing to her to deserve it).
    Never in recorded history has there been a gay man so fanatically consumed with the history and details of a straight woman's uterus.

  5. I think its very revealing. Lefty bloggers are obviously full of nothing but venomous rhetoric which begs the question be asked why? For her being someone they continuously paint as inconsequential, the lefty blogosphere is constantly revealing itself as hanging upon her every word and commenting upon her every move in spite of themselves. Infatuation such as this is never a healthy thing and it certainly in this example reads as such.

  6. It's truly amazing -and scary- how obsessed Sullivan STILL is with Sarah Palin over a year later...

  7. "It means contempt for the Fourth Estate and for full public accountability."

    Interesting comment considering the slobbering devotion of the Fourth Estate to the current administration and its lack of full public accountability in many areas.

    Projection, anyone?

  8. Well, the answers to question 4:48 are kind of obvious--John John was born like 3 weeks AFTER the 1960 election.
    And the answer to the "Todd" question is:
    a. Todd quit the job when Sarah was elected OR
    b. It's seasonal work and her mom and dad filled in when he was away.

    SHEESH--what's with this "man"?

  9. The Left wants us to believe Palin is an irrelevant fool while every major Liberal outlet drops everything to cover her.
    I can't wait to buy her book!

  10. The left simply cannot take a woman who isn't a liberal. They just cannot take it. It makes them INSANE. I think we should replace all male conservative political candidates with conservative women candidates just to watch heads explode on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. Andrew Sullivan would have to commit himself into Bellevue. One can dream...

  11. Sullivan does not have US citizenship yet, is there a way we can send him back to the UK?

    He can go for his OB-GYN degree there rather then attacking the families of politicians (which even that Right winger, Speaker Tip O'Neill was against) here in the US.

    The Right will be less angry if Andrew Sullivan is shipped home. And who knows? Gay marrige might even pass a few states too if he's gone.