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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Willie Horton-ish

The list of potential GOP presidential candidates just narrowed. If reports are accurate, a convict to whom Mike Huckabee granted clemency is sought in the killing of four Seattle policemen.

This is Huck's Willie Horton. Sure, there are differences. Horton committed rape while on weekend furlough granted by Mike Dukakis.

The alleged Seattle shooter, Maurice Clemmons, had a long history of arrest, conviction, and release after Huckabee granted clemency, so there were numerous intervening points at which the criminal justice system failed. Michelle Malkin has good background on this.

Nonetheless, it is close to over for Huck. This is too Willie Horton-ish. Republicans hung Willie Horton around Dukakis' neck in 1988, and the same thing would happen to Huckabee regarding Clemmons, both in the primary and the general election. It would take some real political mastery for Huck to get out from under this.

It is weird that just this morning Huck stated that a run was "less than likely." Yeah, I think so.

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  1. The party will be stronger if Huck is not running. Last time he just wasted resources and attention from other candidates who undoubtedly would have been stronger than McCain turned out to be.
    He has his radio program. Let him be content with that.

  2. Agree--he is toast as POTUS candidate. Probably for the best. The anti-Christian MSM, etc. would get him anyway.

    I like Huck, find him a decent, sensible sort. But, he just doesn't impress me as a POTUS. Too nice a guy. Note--RR was the ultimate nice guy, but always left you with the feeling that he could be tough as nails when it mattered. Huck just doesn't do that for me.

    Don't ask me about The One.

    Better off with him on the sidelines.

  3. "Republicans hung Willie Horton around Dukakis' neck in 1988..."

    Copyedit: Dukakis hung Willie Horton around his own neck and in 1988 the Republicans pointed it out.