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Friday, November 27, 2009

You Don't Know What You've Got 'Till It's Gone - Health Care Version

Rasmussen Reports just released a survey indicating that 49% of Americans rate the health care system as good or excellent, and 27% rate the system as poor. There are many interesting details, including the partisan breakdown of the numbers.

What most interests me is the shift in the numbers as the health care debate has progressed. The more the American public has learned about what the Democrats want to do, the more people have shifted towards a greater and more positive appreciation of the current system. As reported by Rasmussen:
Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters nationwide now rate the U.S. health care system as good or excellent. That marks a steady increase from 44% at the beginning of October, 35% in May and 29% a year-and-a-half ago....

It is interesting to note that confidence in the system has improved as the debate over health care reform has moved to center stage. The latest polling shows that only 38% favor the health care legislation currently working its way through Congress.
The more we examine the current system versus the alternatives, the more we understand how much we have to lose. This public consciousness rejects a massive restructuring of the system through mandates, taxes and bureaucracy -- as the Democrats want -- in favor of making incremental changes on important issues.

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