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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So What, Ma'am?

Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) is proclaiming she has enough votes in the Senate to block the equivalent of the Stupak Amendment from being attached to any Senate health care bill.

Ok, then what?

The only reason the House was able to pass a health care bill was that 64 Democrats voted in favor of the Stupak Amendment, and with that, the bill still only passed by 5 votes.

So how many House Democratic votes does Boxer have to pass legislation without the Stupak Amendment?

And how many Senate votes does Boxer have to cut off debate if there is no Stupak Amendment attached to the bill?

Boxer's announcement is getting publicity, but it is a big "so what." Or maybe I should say, "so what, Ma'am."

UPDATE: Like I said, Ben Nelson: Need Stupak language in bill

Should I have said, "Thank you, Ma’am!"?

UPDATE No. 2: Like I said, Bart Stupak: 'There Will Be Hell To Pay' If My Amendment Is Removed

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  1. Every time she opens her mouth, I feel we in California should send the nation a grovelling note of apology. Argh....

  2. I prefer "so what, b***?"

    ps: that stood for babs.

  3. No, it is "So what, Senator." You know she worked hard to get that title.

  4. Yep -- "So what, Senator." A lady shouldn't type what I'd really like to call her.

  5. I guess all that hard work explains her face.

  6. I still don't like that Stupak incentivizes women to lie about being raped in order to use the government to force other people to pay for their abortions.

  7. The Stupak amendment was totally beside the point. The more people keep accepting the premise that we need this health care bill, the more we sure we are to loose our freedoms. This health care bill isn't about health care. It about control of every aspect of our lives. The Stupak thingy was just a trick to get the pro-life Blue-Dogs to vote for this monstrosity and give Pelosi a victory. If this thing passes, they will begin the process of destroying the best health care system in the world. I imagine right now, medical schools are losing applicatants by the hundreds. I read a poll that 45% of our doctors will retire if this thing passes. If you're old enough, you might remember the Carter Administration "misery index". You ain't seen nothing until Obama is done with us. I am frightened in this country like I've never, ever thought I would be.

  8. The best healthcare system in the World? We're ranked number 37 in the World. We have an infant mortality rate of a third world country. You read a poll that 45% of our Doctors will retire if this thing passes? Bye! Who needs them and with 45% of the Doctors retired (and subsequently on Medicare...a government run healthcare plan), we can seriously affect tort reform. SWEET!

    And if you're frightened in this country, leave! You know where the door is. Feel free to kiss Lady Liberty's ass on the way out.

  9. SG,

    You must be new to this debate if you're still throwing around that statistic as if it means something. Let me explain something:

    -We have a higher infant mortality rate because we count every infant that shows signs of life whereas most other nations only count those infants which live a minimum length of time and meet certain physical standards. So if a baby is born premature and dies in under a day the US will count it and most of the rest of the world won't. In reality we have one of the highest, if not the highest, levels of infant survival