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Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama's Friday Mess - Grab a Mop

Justice Department announces that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is coming to NYC for a civilian court trial, with all the melodrama and lawyering-up that will entail. Can you say, "objection your honor, my client was waterboarded"? Can you say, "Bush and Cheney really are on trial here"? Can you say, "Your Honor, as our first witness we call CIA Agent [fill in name here]"?

Greg Craig resigning over Gitmo. Same day of KSM NYC trial announcement. Connected?

Janet Napolitano announces that next year is illegal immigration amnesty year, when all the CBO scoring of health care bills gets thrown out the window because we have 12-18 million more participants. Six months of debate and town halls and posturing for nothing because Obama changes the rules after the health care game is up.

Obama has skipped town for 8 days on his Asia tour to avoid all the drama. Is anyone in charge? Calling Al Haig.

What is the next shoe to drop? Harry Reid's health care destruction plan finally going to be released before debate begins next week? CBO scoring, anyone?

Obama sure knows how to throw a going away party. As usual, all us bitter people clinging to our guns and religion are left to clean up his mess.

Anyone have a mop?

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  1. More like 20-30 million more participants. Since both party elites love them some amnesty, its probably far more realistic to double whatever number of illegals it will apply to. And then there's all the relatives they'll be bringing....

  2. Don't discount the possibility that all of this is merely a distraction over what Obama might soon be agreeing to in China. It used to be that China would send its officials here when tensions were high. Now it is our officials who are forever going there. I am very fearful of what could come out of this trip.

  3. "Grab a mop"????

    Start praying and line up the heavy equipment to - G-d forbid! - clear the devastation away ... again!

    This is absolute, utter insanity. Bring them to New York City?????? (I prefer them never to set foot upon American soil anywhere in the Continental United States, but especially never in New York City!!!)

    G-d have mercy! Tonight, I feel (insomuch as one can possibly understand what the affected families must be going through with this foolhardy, nutty decision) for the friends and families who lost their loved ones that awful day which will live in infamy in American history forever!

  4. Agreeing to in China? He's gone there upon his knees begging for them to buy American debt while they are actively investing huge in Russia, the African continent and the potential game changer to be found in ASEAN. Confidence in his abilities abroad are equal to those of Nancy Pelosi's piety. Don't kid yourselves about his actual "powers of persuasion" abroad.

    As I see it he himself is already seen as being a proponent of Islam over Christianity. He's thought by many outside of America to be of that same notion of a "World Order" held by Islam which is unification of all under the banner of Islam. That this explains his unwillingness to address Islam's explosion into expansionism from isolationism and radical Islam's increased activity globally should be obvious to the blind. That's why he's "out of town", to not get any of that mess on him which your media will be, for the most part, more than willing accomplices to.

    President Obama is also is universally liked for being weak in polar opposition to how your Ronald Reagan was hated for being strong. World opinion is a hard pill for America to swallow but here's a glass of water. It's no accident the pro Obama strongholds outside of America are also those who were anti Reagan. Dig up the political atmosphere of the 80's and match it to that we have now. Look at the players, read of their earlier rhetoric and comprehend.