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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Read It Out Loud

Tom Coburn (R-Ok) may request, as is his right under Senate Rules, that the entire 2,027 page Harry Reid health care restructuring bill be read out loud on the floor of the Senate prior to debate:
A little quick math shows that at a minute a page -- an easily achieved pace since the pages are double spaced and in a rather large type face -- it would take 34.5 hours to read straight through the measure put together this week by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Republican leadership and gallery staff say the reading -- with occasional pauses and sips of water for parched throats -- could take more like 48 to 54 hours.
Absolutely this should be done. This absurd legislation deserves the theater of the absurd.

A reading out loud of this monstrosity for a day or two will be a great visual and audio montage.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Reading out loud the hundreds of thousands of words in Harry Reid's bill will be worth million of votes.

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  1. Yes they should, and frankly all should be made to listen

  2. Unfortunately, it will be shorter read than that as Dems have paraded out a speed reader when this issue has arisen before.

    Coburn should do it anyway. It would make for a great montage and it will also be the closest any of them will come to actually knowing what is in there.

  3. I've seen one conservative who is critical of this idea. The argument is that the tactic will only delay the inevitable and the costs of keeping the Senate in session and printing the Congressionl Record will cost taxpayers thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

    And since Coburn paints himself as a deficit hawk who opposes wasteful government spending, it makes him look hypocritical.

    In the grand scheme of things, the additonal costs are proportionate to a pimple on an elephant's behind, so I'm not sure I buy the line of reasoning. I'm just passing it along.

  4. Here, here. Let's have a reading!

    And a "public option" of listening via C-Span.

    Oh hell.... make CNN carry it. What else do that have to do? Razz on Palin?

  5. I believe it was the post that put 19 reporters to determine the "truth" in Palin's book, but how many reporters did they or anyone put on this bill. I haven't found any non-blog analysis of it yet.

  6. It's better than that. A Senator may demand THREE readings of a bill, not just one.

    Does it occur to these bozos that the mood out here in RealityLand is extremely dour and unsettled?

    Or are they on some sort of funny-juice therapy which insulates them from seeing and hearing?

  7. Dad29 says "Does it occur to these bozos tht the mood out there in RealityLand is extremely dour and unsettled"?

    It makes me EXTREMELY unsettled to see how they have shrugged off every lie, every bit of uncovered corruption, from Obama on down to Pelosi to Reid to Rangel to Shumer to Biden to...it goes on and on. THEY DON'T CARE AND THAT WORRIES ME. I don't get that, unless they are going to try to fix the 2010 and 2012 votes.

    Something of a sick and dangerous nature is preying on their sick minds. I know that sounds..conspiratorial, but connect the dots: Is it logical to assume they care nothing about the polls and the anger and how unsettled the rest of us are?

    I do not believe these people are nominally stupid. They are smart in a very Mafia-style way, and I don't believe they are ignoring the polls because of some suicidal wish to be put out of power permanently.

    I hope I'm wrong and they just ARE that stupid, but I think this all smacks of power grab and venality, so much so that they are willing to ignore the Rule of Law, to lie with impunity, to try to push on America bills that we KNOW, we KNOW are just huge entitlements to their supporters and themselves at BEST, and are just purely totalitarian Marxist-leaning power madness at worst.

    They hear, they see, they read the polls, they see the protests even if they lie about seeing them, they saw the results of the NJ and Virginia governorship races (and it may yet be that NY-23 was wrongly counted!), and yet, they persist in their insane grab of power.

    I hope they DO continue on, and have their heads handed to them in every election permanently from here on out (and that would include RINO's, too, I don't give a crap about party, elect people who give a damn about US). But we should watch for the hidden agenda, the fix, the bribes and the deep, deep corruption at EVERY level that is going on.

  8. Unfortunately, it looks like Senator Coburn has backed off on his threat: