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Friday, November 20, 2009

Reid: Hurry to Open Debate Then Let's Leave for the Holiday

Harry Reid wants a Saturday night vote to open debate in the Senate on Reid's 2,074 page attempt to restructure the health care system.

What will the Senator then do? Actually start debate? No, they will leave for the Thanksgiving break.

So what's the hurry? The same hurry that Democrats have shown throughout the Obama administration. Everything (except Afghanistan) must be done before the American people have a chance to understand the legislation fully and to let their representatives know how they feel.

Do not underestimate Reid's cleverness:

Colleagues say Mr. Reid’s extensive knowledge of Senate tactics and well-honed understanding of what drives and divides his Democratic colleagues leave him well positioned to pull off a legislative coup that has eluded seasoned and determined lawmakers for decades.
That is why Reid kept the bill secret until two days ago. That is why he wants a vote on opening debate before the Senators head back home and feel the wrath of the public as they did in August. Once debate opens, Reid will have more opportunities to bribe Senators with earmarks and other public goodies, as Reid is doing with Mary Landrieu, to whom Reid has thrown a $100 million bone.

Harry Reid wants another Saturday night massacre, as happened when Nancy Pelosi pushed through a Saturday night vote on the House bill, eeking out a slight victory after arm-twisting and policy slights of hand.

I'm not confident Reid can be stopped on the issue of opening debate. But it must be done, to stop the Three-Card Monte game which passes for health care reform.

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  1. Reid has just used $100,000 dollars of our money to bribe the Louisinana Senator. What a lunatic. Does he think that we won't find out and hold him accountable.
    If this HELLthcare bill passes Saturday or even if it does not, Reid will be voted out of office during the next election.
    Good Riddance Reid!

  2. Reid is a cheat and a bully. I've already contacted my senators about this and hope that this self-serving bag of bombast gets put in his place.

  3. Professor, the death knell of the health care bill is one word, Medicare.

    The official CBO score is out and says that the Senate bill will cut Medicare by $491 billion.

    Jay Cost makes the case for this as the politically potent weapon at today's RCP:


    And there's a good piece on Politico, too:

    Public option, abortion, total cost, burdensome taxes -- all issues that carry weight. But none is a bill killer. Get 46 million current Medicare beneficiaries worked up -- not to mention everyone else past about 60 -- and that's the end of it. Never mind moderate Dems and Blue Dogs. Liberal Democrats will abandon it. So far, the Medicare issue has remained submerged. It may not seem so to you or people who regularly read blogs but 95% of the folks take in only what the sound bites and MSM headlines have to say.

    Note that reid said Friday that this bill will "save Medicare" and "make it stronger." That's nonsense, of course, but Republicans are unnecessarily shy about taking him on about it. Palin probably did more to stir seniors' skepticism about the whole thing with her 'death panels." But that's run its course. What's needed is a flat out way to sum up the impact of that $491 billion cut (or the far higher House cut): "This bill will destroy Medicare as we know it."

    You guys are all missing this. To his credit, Dick Morris has been harping on it for months.

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