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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Please Tell Me This Is Not So

I really hope this is a bad Photoshop, not the real thing. From DrudgeReport: "Obama leaves WH clutching GQ mag -- featuring himself...

No matter what I have said in the past, I truly do not want this to be so.

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  1. I don't see what the big deal is. I carry around the GQ mag that has my picture on the cover everywhere. I'm also glad to see that he chose to leave the hemp sweeter at home.

  2. So, so authentic.

    Barry must have gotten bored with gazing at all those lovely Newsweek covers dedicated to his glory:


  3. Maybe he could also brush up on a few foreign policy magazines while he is at it. It definitely won't feed his narcissistic persona, but it may help this country.

  4. The Chump in Chief in action again.

    I still think it is better if the CiC spends his time on the golf course admiring his awesomeness or flitting around the world with his entourage of syncophants, cronies, and fixers stuffed into multiple 747's. Then serious people could address the challenges we face in ways proven to be successful.

  5. That hauteur - that urbansartorial expression in all the approved colors du jour set off with expensive, trendy loafers - that IS a man out of GQ no matter his station in life. You don't even have to know who this man is to come to conclusions about him based on his carefully constructed outward appearance. This is narcism - and if it is the President (and we know that it is) then that has to be GQ.

  6. Holy Moly - he may need his own personal entry in the DSM-IV under narcissism.

  7. The tragedy is that he's carrying a GQ magazine with his mug on the cover while wearing white after Labor day.

    Everybody who reads GQ knows that is an unforgiveable fashion faux pas.

  8. and what is with those horrible sandals?!

  9. Well, consider his video appearance at the anniversary of the take-down of the Berlin Wall, he couldn't help but refer to himself.

    Everything is filtered via the BarryO! lense.

    Unfortunately, I fear this narcissism helps explain why KSM is being tried in NYC -- what better way to put the CIA and the Bush admin on trial in order to make Obama look better, regardless of the cost to the country.