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Friday, November 13, 2009

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to NYC, Obama to Asia

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of 9/11, will be put on trial in NYC. Figures, the announcement would be made on a day I don't have much time to comment.

So go here for some thoughts:
One parting thought, from me:

Pure coincidence that it is announced Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is coming to NYC just as Obama left for his 8-day Asia trip?

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  1. Only if you believe in coincidence.

  2. Mr. Jacobson, do you have any comments to go with the idea being presented by Limbaugh and Ace of Spades that this New York show is really just the USA on trial?
    If you're busy now, maybe a post tomorrow. I'm curious to hear your view on this.

  3. There will be, unfortunately, a lot of time to comment on this story as it will be years until an actual trial occurs.

    I've heard but have not verified that some of the five who are being sent to NYC for trial have already plead and/or admitted their guilt. If this is so, how does that factor into their civilian trail?

  4. mmm, when i first read your headline i thought we were making a trade.

  5. more seriously, i would say this. treating this as war doesn't preclude treating this as a trial. i mean we tried the nazis for war crimes, but that didn't mean that we didn't think they waged war, too. the rule is you can hold an ordinary honorable soldier only for the duration of the conflict, but if they are also a war criminal, you can hold them longer or even execute them following a trial.

    The problem i have with holder, et al. is that they aren't saying that this is in addition to the war powers and we all know it is in lieu of using the war power.

  6. This should be interesting. The ommission of the collected evidence is going to be enormous. Anyone betting on "time served"?

  7. Here's an update: Congratulations, the fearmongering backlash won out!

    “It is obvious that they can't have the trials in New York,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer, New York's Democratic senior senator.

    What's becoming "obvious" is that an open democratic society is a 5-minute option to be discarded when fear and dollars enter the picture. If the practical issues in NY are truly insurmountable, and Governor's Island or other places here are out of the question, find a venue somewhere else in the U.S. But if this ends up being another remote military trial offshore, score another victory for terrorism and the anti-democratic fearmongerers in our own society.