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Sunday, November 8, 2009

NY Times Names Names

The NY Times is naming names of House Democrats Who Voted Against the Health Care Bill.

It's all public record, so it's not "outing." But it is interesting that The Times feels the need to go into such detail to highlight the Democratic heretics. The Times includes a chart showing the supposed percentages of "non-elderly uninsured" in each member's district.

A call to action? A cheat-sheet for Democrats to retaliate against these members? Not The NY Times, surely.

Anyone have a chart of Blue Dog Democrats who voted for the bill? I'll post it here, to be fair and balanced.

UPDATE: Via numerous commenters:
Lap Dog Blue Dogs who Voted for Pelosicare
Congressman Arcuri - New York's 24th congressional district - R+2.
Congressman Baca - California's 43rd congressional district - D+13.
Congressman Berry - Arkansas 1st congressional district - R+8.
Congressman Bishop - Georgia's 2nd congressional district - D+1.
Congressman Boswell - Iowa's 3rd congressional district - D+1.
Congressman Cardoza - California's 18th congressional district - D+4.
Congressman Carney - Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district - R+8.
Congressman Cooper - Tennessee's 5th congressional district - D+3.
Congressman Costa - California's 20th congressional district - D+5.
Congressman Cuellar - Texas' 28th congressional district. - EVEN.
Congresswoman Dahlkemper - Pennsylvania's 3rd congressional district - R+3.
Congressman Donnelly - Indiana's 2nd congressional district - R+2.
Congressman Ellsworth - Indiana's 8th congressional district - R+8.
Congresswoman Giffords - Arizona's 8th congressional district - R+4.
Congresswoman Harman - California's 36th congressional district - D+12.
Congressman Hill - Indiana's 9th congressional district - R+6.
Congressman Mechaud - Maine's 2nd congressional district - D+3.
Congressman Mitchell - Arizona's 5th congressional district - R+5.
Congressman Moore - Kansas 3rd congressional district - R+3.
Congressman Murphy - Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district - D+2.
Congressman Pomeroy - North Dakota's at-large congressional district - R+10.
Congressman Salazar - Colorado's 3rd congressional district - R+5.
Congresswoman Sanchez - California's 47th congressional district - D+4.
Congressman Schiff - California's 29th congressional district - D+14.
Congressman Scott - Georgia's 13th congressional district - D+15.
Congressman Space - Ohio's 18th congressional district - R+7.
Congressman Thompson - California's 1st congressional district - D+13.
Congressman Wilson - Ohio's 6th congressional district - R+2.
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  1. Instapundit had this link to a list of Blue Dog Dems who voted for PelosiCare.


  2. Here you go:


    (You really should use a comment editor that allows us to cut and paste. That was a btch)

  3. I guess the Dems have no tolerance for moderates. It's a civil war.

  4. I have a pretty complete list that I posted here . It is based on the 70 seats targeted in 2010. My Rep is Patrick Murphy; he is a Blue Dog in Name Only (BDINO). He isn't even listed on the NRCC's target list, which completely infuriates me. I think he is very vulnerable.