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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Health Care Whistleblowers Gagged -- In Britain

Another day, another story in a British newspaper about the profound faults in the British National Health Service. This time, the government bureaucracy is silencing whistleblowers:

NHS whistleblowers are routinely gagged in order to cover up dangerous and even dishonest practices that could attract bad publicity and damage a hospital's reputation.

Some local NHS bodies are spending millions of taxpayers' money to pay off and silence whistleblowers with "super gags" to stop them going public with patient safety incidents. Experts warn that patients' lives are being endangered by the use of intimidatory tactics to force out whistleblowers and deter other professionals from coming forward.

This cannot be true. Democrats keep telling us that health insurance companies are the ones who want to silence critics, and that government control would be more humane. The British NHS scandal proves that government bureaucracy is no more humane than private bureaucracy.

Read the full article. It is a shocking exposé on what we can expect when government runs the health care system -- the proverbial efficiency of the motor vehicle department and the empathy of the IRS.

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  1. http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2009/10/post_145.asp

    Great article here, Weekly Standard: Fraud in Medicare $60B currently; health insurance company profits only $8B. Some where else they calculated a 3-5% average ROI for the health insurance industry.

    Progressively Defensive

  2. Of note and in the same vein, wrongful death in hospitals is NEVER reported on in Canada unless it meets a governmental objective such as pitching ambulatory care for major surgeries and recovering at home. If its not a part of the agenda, it never makes the airwaves or the written word.