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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Spotted by a reader from the "wilds" of New Jersey.  Apparently it drives itself.


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  1. This in in all likelihood the most concentrated occurrence of Teh Crazy ever recorded. National Geographic needs to send out a film crew, just of the sake of posterity.


    Kids, this is your brain on drugs.

  2. I see Big Foot has competition in the "wilds of New Jersey", Big Idiot.

  3. Is this what Flo means by Unicorns and Glitter??

  4. I'd taken my glasses off while the page was loading and when I glanced at it sans glasses I thought that there had been 12 bazillion birds pooping on that car.

    I put my glasses on and thought the birds would have been better for that poor car. What IS it about Volvo drivers?