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Friday, June 17, 2011

Is this the last video you will ever see

at legalinsurrection.blogspot.com? It's possible, but the day is not over.

The most amazing thing to me is not that Christie tells the voter that it's none of her business where he sends his kids to school, but that he pays $38,000 per year in property taxes.  Ouch.

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  1. Yeah that's Gov. Christie's problem.   Always so evasive with his answers to questions!   [/sarcasm]

  2. Notice that he can speak his mind without a teleprompter ;~)

  3. He's fat because there is no way to fit that much awesomeness into a smaller package.

  4. at was a total disconnect. The woman was basically asking him why he thought it was FAIR to be cutting funding to public schools if he was sending his kids to private schools. Christie then tells her its none of her business WHERE he sends his kids to school. The woman wasn't telling him WHERE to send his kids to school. Christie's answer was unnecessary rude. He was just piling on with an angry reprimand to a woman who simply asking an illogical question.

    Having grown up in NJ, I know how people there can get under your skin, but the Governor in this case went way overboard in chastising that women. His three part answer to her question was him citing irrelevant (although interesting) facts in parts one and two. Only the last part of his answer was pertinent to her inquiry.

    In my view, that video goes a long way in taking the shine off Christie’s star. It makes him look like he’s really full of himself. Haven’t we already had enough difficulties believing certain people have all the answers to our needs? The guy is good on a lot of things but this wasn’t one of his finer moments.

  5. Not rehearsed. Not scripted. No teleprompter needed. I'd love to see Christie debate President Obama. Just. Once.

  6. Now just become president...so you can speak to the terrorists like that

  7. Gov. Christie blew this one with bluster. So, it's no one's business that a government official doesn't choose to live by the government structures imposed on others?

    It's why people wanted to know if President Obama would live within the constraints of Obamacare. Answer: No.

    It's why people wanted to know why Robert Kennedy opposed wind turbines in his own back yard.

    It's why people wanted to know why Al Gore, Prince Charles, and you-name-the-liberal use tons of energy and live luxuriously all the while telling the little people to live more modestly.

    Now, Christie did make two good points that needed to be made about the importance of religious instruction to him in the education of his children and that as governor he works for the good of all children in his state. But, his blunt (rude?) answer sandwiching those good observations to a woman who wasn't rude to him, was an enforced error.

  8. mmm... if they ever make a movie about him, i am thinking... Paul Sorvino.