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Friday, June 10, 2011

The first ever "live coverage" of a document release, with conclusions jumped to by people with an agenda spread in real time via Twitter by the elite of the mainstream media.

I get so infuriated when Republicans pile on Sarah Palin not over policy but through personal insult because these people don't seem to understand that they are joining in a mob which eventually will come around to beat down their own favorite candidate.  And as of today, it has become even more of a feeding frenzy as the elites of the mainstream media have given up any pretense of neutrality or news reporting, and literally are forming mobs of anti-Palin readers in a joint effort to take her down.

For two and one-half years the mainstream media, entertainment industry, and left-blogosphere have been perfecting how to destroy a Republican presidential nominee, and they have been practicing on Palin.  Those tactics, including the complete fabrication tying Palin to the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, know no bounds.

The latest tactic employed by two of the most prestigious liberal newspapers, The Washington Post and The New York Times, is to use "crowdsourcing" to enlist a legion of Palin haters to sift through e-mails to be released today by the State of Alaska. 

As described by Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller, NYT, WaPo give up even pretending to be news organizations, "They’re an opposition research arm of the Democratic Party."

The Washington Post describes the effort as follows:

Over 24,000 e-mail messages to and from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin during her tenure as Alaska’s governor will be released Friday. That’s a lot of e-mail for us to review so we’re looking for some help from Fix readers to analyze, contextualize, and research those e-mails right alongside Post reporters over the days following the release.

We are limiting this to just 100 spots for people who will work collaboratively in small teams to surface the most important information from the e-mails. Participants can join from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection. Read more about how it will work.

If you need inspiration before getting started, take a look at what to expect from the e-mail drop. For micro-updates as tomorrow unfolds, check out our new Twitter feed.
That's right folks, "live coverage" of a document release, with conclusions jumped to by people with an agenda, spread in real time via Twitter by the elite of the mainstream media.

The crowdsourcing by hundreds will give rise thousands of lies about Palin.  These two news organizations, by lending their names to and organizing the effort, have abdicated any journalistic standard in favor of mob information rule.

Team Sarah is organizing a counter-effort, and encouraging supporters to sign up at The Times and Washington Post as volunteers.

When it comes to Palin, the media and mob combine.  So as you Republicans pile on Palin, please know that your favorite candidate is next.

Update:  To show you how bad the media is when it comes to Palin, The Politico wrote an article including a quote from Palin in which Palin claimed credit for building the Tea Party movement.  When I read I thought that the quote was real, and did not make Palin look good.  It turns out the quote is a complete fabrication.  Yet I have no doubt that the fictitious quote will enter the public consciousness as real, as so many other fictional Palin faults have done.

And thanks to commenter VoterMom for the link to this pathetic statement by the WaPo Ombudsman trying to justify the crowdsourcing maneuver:
Sarah Palin and her e-mails are just too darn irresistible....

But then the reality of Palin-mania set in. First of all, it didn’t take long for 100 people to sign up, and far more were waiting in line. The Post was trying to screen volunteers for knowledge, ability and political bias, but quickly got overwhelmed by the volume....
So The Post changed course later in the afternoon. Interactivity Editor Hal Straus said in an interview that upon reflection and in light of the huge interest, The Post would make its crowd call more open.

The updated call-out went up around 6 p.m. with this language: “We’ll share your comments with our reporters and may use facts or related material you suggest to annotate the documents displayed on The Post site. We may contact you for further details, by way of your registered e-mail with the Post, unless you specify otherwise in the comments.”
What is not "too darn irresistible" for WaPo is an organized effort to obtain access to and analysis of Obama's legislative history, fraudulent campaign credit card activities, or just about anything else which might imperil Obama's reelection.

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  1. The Politico wrote an article including a quote from Palin in which Palin claimed credit for building the Tea Party movement. When I read I thought that the quote was real...

    I never believed that quote; I figured it was yet another fabrication by the State-Run Media. Which is why I wonder if the anti-Palin mob will fabricate e-mails.

  2. This is ridiculous and infuriating. We all know the NYT and WaPo haven't been news organizations in a long while, but this confirms it to anyone who had any doubts. What's next? A contest for readers to come up with the most absurd lie to tell about Palin? Oh, wait, they're already doing that here.

  3. Wonder when the zombie union protestors will show up at the ny times and wa post? Isn't it union busting to give these responsibilities to non union "reporters"?

  4. The WaPo and NYT are mobilizing their lynch mob of libtard loons, but it seems that 90% of the comments on their sites requesting help accuse them of shoddy to non-existent ethics, morals, and journalistic savvy.

    The other 10% are convinced that that 90% are RNC plants and conspirators from the far right...! Now I know that Ann Coulter is right when she calls liberalism a mental illness...!

  5. Professor, You're doing important work here by standing up for Sarah Palin in contrast to other conservative intellectuals. She's a highly intelligent, personally admirable, authentic conservative who shames liberals and RINOs alike. Keep it up.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how much Sarah Palin is feared. By leftists (not just Democrats - ALL leftists) and RINO progressive Republicans.

    She is that threatening to them. By these foolish actions, she is getting more and more evidence each day that, should she choose to run, she will bethe one to beat. I believe most people are behind her, but the MSM hype makes many believe the opposite.

    I have NO DOUBT that the Sarah team(s) are going to have sifted through this email doc drop and be ready to counter anything. But......the MSM just keeps making her the victim.

    Fools. Americans love an underdog. Americans distrust the MSM more then ever. They just don't get it. They keep giving her power, a platform, and a reason to support her - like her or not.

    There is a pretty good indication that only about 24% of the public are leftists (from the polling recently that only that many of the American population identify with Obama's ideology). Sarah has a shot at the other 76%, and has no doubt more than a few already on her side, given Hot Air polls, recent Iowa polling, and other indicators.

    Keep exposing their lies. Thanks, Professor!!

  7. The WaPo has backed off, the NYT now falsely claims it never made such an offer (Daily Caller)

  8. Ugh, lost my comment which was basically how this is the media inviting the public to participate in publicly stoning SP.
    Hope this goes thru - I will just copy what I posted as an update on my post about the media vs the voters.
    " Way to go, media! I am sure you will find proof there that Palin singlehandedly brought down the real estate market, created flawed derivatives and bet against them, funneled money to Wall Street cronies through stimulus bailouts, and gave cover to BP & TransOcean negligence that destroyed the Gulf Coast. I commend the NYT & WaPo for their fearless, tireless journolisticism. This truly proves your unbiased objectivity! No one can ever accuse you of being propaganda machines after this!"
    I think this is part of the whole picture of what 2012 is really about -- it's not GOP vs Dem - it's Media vs Voters.

  9. When/if SP finally decides on running she automatically wins the "most thoroughly vetted candidate, ever" award.

    Is there no Democrat anywhere who sees the irony in how BHO's candidacy was NOT critically examined?

  10. "In my house growing up, going through our neighbors' trash cans substituted for religion."

    --Jill Abramson, Executive Editor, NY Times

    It's the journalistic equivalent of the flash mobs of teenagers terrorizing Chicago.

    LukeHandCool (who is sensing a perfect opportunity for a James O'Keefe/Hannah Giles/Andrew Breitbart video expose production, and can just imagine the fun James and Hannah could have coming up with Borat-like, ridiculous lefty costumes).

  11. Maybe all this is just a brilliant attempt at making the Twitter behavior of Anthony Weiner seem cautious ... almost frigid, by comparison.

    NY Times & Washington Post:

    "Hey readers, you wanna help us f*** that &#@**$ing witch Sarah Palin until she %*#%! while we grab her ponytail and &$@8!&!% her while you hold her down and #*@*&$ her like you know she loves it? Oh man, if yours isn't bobbing up and down ... if it isn't dripping like a &@%(#!!$ right now, then maybe you're reading the wrong rag and should drag your sorry butt over to the couch so you can take your marching orders from Faux News, you wingnut #@&(*$# neanderthal hater!! Tee hee hee hee ... are you as hot as me, our nuanced, sophisticated readership??

    LukeHandCool (who shakes his head in disbelief at the man who will risk his family ... or the newspaper that will risk what little integrity it has left ... for something so unimportant as an orgasm).

  12. The WaPo ombudsman defends their "crowd-sourcing" idea, the first sentence in his post, I am not kidding, is this:

    Sarah Palin and her e-mails are just too darn irresistible.

    Yup, this is all her own irresistable, immodest, sack-of-sin fault, tempting virtuous men to fall from grace. Stone her.


  13. It's a real double-standard. Republicans don't attack Dick Cheney for letting the media caricature him as Darth Vader, or George W. Bush for letting the media caricature him as an imbecile. But when it comes to Sarah Palin, they throw her to the wolves.

  14. I'm happy so many people are going to be digging through Palin's emails, this surely means that the same will soon be true for the other candidates from 2008.

  15. Someone please tell me how we are not now in the throes of a full blown ideological war here in America?

    This action is not just compelling evidence of these two newspapers openly and brazenly enlisting themselves on the side of a political party movement . . . which would itself be a unique and foreboding event in modern American history!

    No . . . heretofore, these two news-gathering outlets had tried to maintain at least a pretense of objectivity, a wall of separation between their news and editorial expressions.

    This action much more than just further blurs that ever-crumbling line! It is a case of two "elite" news organizations deliberately provoking an electronic mob.

    The NYT and the WaPo have just cast aside the last vestiges of their own senses of civility and haughty superiority, couched all these years in claims of pursuing a "higher purpose."

    Note the tentative and telling "first offer" from the WaPo . . . the proposed limitation to 100 select deputies . . . which was just as quickly cast aside by them in the face of the NYT open invitation to all! They obviously had at least some initial misgivings, but "monkey see, monkey do" has held sway.

    Fingers stabbing away, they both have just pointed accusingly -- out across the angry crowd of nasty little ginned-up ideologues -- at "the hated one."

    Nakedly and shamefully demonstrating their own inadequacy to the task, they have each gnashed their teeth, and shouted out loud over the little mob of haters, "There she is! GET 'ER!

    Behold the ugly face of the Enmity of the Elites!

    * * *

    kitty June 10, 2011 6:59 AM | . . .
    "Which is why I wonder if the anti-Palin mob will fabricate e-mails. "

    Kitty, I think you can stop wondering!

    Out of this press-deputized posse of "official" NYT/WaPo opposition researchers, there will arise a significant group of swaggering "Palinaters" who will, hereafter, each crow endlessly in comment sections across the blogosphere of their on-line status as an "official" NYT or WaPo Deputy, "back in the late spring of '11 when we rode out after the bitch!"

    And each one will no doubt adopt as their imagined "scalp," or badge of honor, some short or out of context phrase, or "ever so slightly" edited remark of hers, gleefully dug from the bowels of the email heap, and held aloft as their "proof" of nothing.

  16. Jacobson, if you love Palin so much, why don't you marry her?

    Dude, she's toast. Get over it.

  17. @Trochilus

    My only quibble with your comment is this:

    "The NYT and the WaPo have just cast aside the last vestiges of their own senses of civility ... "

    That's like saying, "Hamas, with its latest rocket attack, has just cast aside the last vestiges of civility ..."

    LukeHandCool (who loves Trochilus and his always-wonderful comments ... and who knows what Trochilus was trying to say ... but who just feels like giving someone he admires a melvin ... and who, well, ain't he a stinker?).

  18. "Sarah Palin and her e-mails are just too darn irresistible. "

    Too bad they didn't allocate the same resources to getting a peek at Obama's grades. Too bad they never went over the Chicago Annenberg Challenge shit with a fine tooth comb.

    Is this call for help telling us that Media Matters is NOT going to do this job for them? Or just providing cover? Which Soros/Journ-O-list is really going to set the tone?

  19. If one can play this game, so can two.

    Let's have an army of lawyers demand the release of EVERY SINGLE FORM OF COMMUNICATION and EVERY PRIVATE DOCUMENT pertaining to the Obamas.

    Then, sit down, pop a cold one and watch them squirm like pigs.

  20. We still have gaps in knowledge about Obama's history and the MSM continues its' addiction to Palin.

  21. Apparently the emails are being scanned onto searchable databases now at various "news" websites. I am waiting for all this frantic searching to crash the web. And then I expect Palin will be charged with cyber-terrorism because of course it will be all her fault.

  22. I just checked USA Today just to see how they're handling it?

    Lead story. Above the fold.