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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Presser - "It's like he's giving an acceptance speech"

That was my wife's comment.

The Weiner resignation press conference was amazing.  He was barely apologetic, focused on his own "healing" and gave a campaign speech about how he always wanted to serve the people of New York.

There were hecklers there, shouting things like "goodbye pervert" and "are you more than 7 inches?" and other things I could not hear.  I can't wait for the video.

Alan Colmes commentary "let's just pile on the poor guy."

Easiest prediction of the day:  He'll be back.

Update - By the way, he held the press conference as a senior citizens center.  Here's the video:

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  1. Alan Colmes commentary "let's just pile on the poor guy."
    Best piece of advice I've ever heard from Lefty Colmes.

  2. My prediction: He'll do a fast rehab and announce he's a candidate for mayor.

  3. Like all good libtards, he is completely self-absorbed an unrepentant. Gosh, what a surprise.

    As for Alan Colmes, I don't know HOW Monica Crowley does not stab him in the eye at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

  4. He will definitely be back.
    His ego won't permit anything less.

  5. Since Weiner resigned, I expect to see mark downs at AMAZON - on Vuvuzellas.

  6. Hubris aplenty...and a long version of "I am sorry I got caught." The fact that he can roll those platitudes out at this time ought to alert people to what they were hearing when he campaigned before...

  7. Those seniors are tough.


    You reach a point where you really don't give a darn what you say, and those seniors seem to have reached it long ago.

  8. According to Reuters he is:


  9. "he held the press conference as a senior citizens center."
    Once upon a time he sold himself as a nice Jewish boy to grannies... many of whom probably don't speak English much.

  10. @I

    I don't think the people at Reuters are proficient in English.

    The probably just saw something about "Rep. Weiner" and thought it meant Republican, not Representative.

  11. @Donald Douglas:   My prediction:  He'll do a fast rehab and announce he's a candidate for mayor.
    Speaking as a former NY'er (now living in TX), I am _sure_ your prediction will come true.   Most voters in NY, especially the Metro area, are sadly, Alan Colmes clones.

  12. He'll reappear after a stint in rehab & will run in special elections in September to fill a seat he just vacated. Since people in his district love him so much, it would be undemocratic to deprive them of their dear representative.

    His potential primary opponent for NYC mayor is Christine Quinn. Exact opposite of Weiner. A sturdy Irish lesbian.

  13. Shorter Alan Colmes - After embarrassing his wife in a spectacular fashion in front of the entire world, now he gets to be a hero for "sacrificing" for her.

  14. Some sacrifice. He gets to keep his pension and the four million dollars in his campaign fund. I sure went into the wrong line of work.

  15. Probably a good thing it wasn't a day care center.