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Friday, June 3, 2011

"He and his advisors need to ponder why he needs to essentially poke a finger in the eye of the people who supported him"

I was a guest of Jeff Katz on Talk 1200 Boston this morning, talking about my post Bye-Bye Brown.

Here is the audio link.

The page link, which allows you to share it, is here:  Prof. William Jacobson - Talk 1200 - Boston Express Yourself.

Update 6-6-2011: Video embed now available -

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  1. When you look at a list of professions and psychopaths, politicians have a higher incidence of psychopathy than most.

    It's no wonder. We're talking about people who crave attention; who'll say anything they think the voters want to hear in order to get elected; and who promptly forget all their promises once they reach office. They don't even feel any guilt or shame about "misrepresenting" their beliefs.

    So it really shouldn't be any big surprise that Scott Brown turns out to be just like the rest of the dirty bunch -- but instead of going with the normal party in MA, he bucked the trend and courted the support of those who felt like disaffected voters. In short, he correctly read the tea leaves and realized that he could ride the crest of a growing wave all the way into DC.

    And he did. And now we're surprised that he's just like every other smarmy politician in DC.

    My takeaway from this is this:

    1) The voters understand and are receptive to the libertarian message that we need to get our nation's financial house in order. It's time to take a hard look at what the government is spending and why, and cut as needed. Even in a deeply blue state like MA, this message is well-received, meaning true fiscal conservatives can get elected.

    2) The Tea Party needs to do a better job of vetting potential candidates, as well as those it throws its support behind. I frankly don't know if enough was known about Scott Brown to have predicted this betrayal or not. Chalk this up as a learning experience and move on.

    3) Primary his ass from within his own party. Find a real candidate who actually has business experience or something which indicates he/she is a reliable fiscal conservative and put all your effort into getting that person elected. Send a clear message to Brown and any other fair-weather, tea party-in-name-only (TPINOs) politicians that they can fool us once; but if they do, they won't have a job come the next election.

    In the specific case of Brown, advertise the fact that he's sided with the dems more than with his own party... so if he's going to vote like a dem, maybe the voters should elect a dem. But if they don't want a dem, vote for someone else...

    Brown is vulnerable... go for the throat.

  2. Scott Brown = Mitt Romney

  3. Scott Brown = Mitt Romney

    I agree, but lets remember ONE thing. By being the last needed vote against obamacare, he essentially forced the house to pass the already voted upon senate version instead of a combined bill. This version did not have the sever-ability clause so if the law loses in the SCOTUS on the mandate, then the ENTIRE law is struck down, not just the offending piece.

    So we were right in fighting for him and electing him but we are now right in dropping him like a bad habit in favor of a conservative.