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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me on the Dan Rhea Show Talking about Sarah Palin and Paul Revere

I appeared on Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ 1030 Boston on June 6.

If you are from elsewhere in the country you may not know that WBZ is a mega news station; it's on my preset dial in Rhode Island and covers all of New England and reaches far into New York State.

The topic of my segment was Sarah Palin's comments about Paul Revere. Listen carefully, and you'll hear why I never could run for President; I messed up the "one if by land, two if by sea" part of the Longfellow poem.

Listen to the whole thing, and you'll find that the next guest, the curator of the Concord (MA) Museum, was not particularly critical of Palin, but was critical of the accuracy of the Longfellow poem.

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  1. Senator Patty Murray, one of the most senior members of the senate, once raved on at length about what a famous philanthropist Osama bin Laden was. This is the best the Party of Superior Persons can do against Sarah Palin?

    Incidentally, this smear seems to have morphed again. Now the problem with Palin is not that she's wrong, but that she "speaks with the surety of God."

  2. I was listening to the morning show on KABC this morning and the host Peter Tilden, a smug star-struck leftist, was pitching the idea that there is a right-wing conspiracy to amend official history in orfer to cover up Sarah Palin's "mistakes". He alleged that Wikipedia was hacked to add in some new facts on this whole Paul Revere episode.

    These people are insane to the point of being evil.

  3. ...you'll hear why I never could run for President; I messed up the "one if by land, two if by sea" part of the Longfellow poem.
    Not a problem Professor.   That's what those teleprompters are for when you are President.
    Dan Rae did his best to belittle Palin's Revere response.   It was interesting that Mr. Wood, the Concord Museum curator, was not at all aware of this controversy before coming onto Rae's show that night.
    I stopped listening after Mr. Wood's segment of the show was completed.   Hopefully, Mr. Rae was able to get some Palin critics to call in before the show was over, since that seem to me to be what he was going for?

  4. I think Fox News should replace Beck's show with Legal Insurrection TV.

    But this is a fun little gem. NBC News accused Palin supporters of vandalizing Paul Revere's Wikipedia page:


  5. "Rang a bell" and "firing a shot" was part of the lexicon used to denote a waring for a long time, although not so much now. No, Revere did not physically do those things, but it was Revere that shouted the warning which was NOT "the British are coming" since most people considered themselves British at the time, but actually said "the Regulars are coming" which let those sympathetic to the cause of independence know the British troops were coming. I doubt that Rhea would have known that, if asked.

    Rhea was definately wanting the woman who called in to bash Palin over her statement, but she didn't. And while he mentioned Palin's interview with Perky Catie as proof that Palin is just an uneducated hick from the wilds of Alaska (you know, with that useless state university education), he didn't want to hear the real reason the left hate her and why feminists groups are not up in arms over how Palin has been treated; her decision to give birth to a handicapped child.

    I am sure that Professor Jacobson's answer to whether he thought Palin could be a good president will cause many heads in academia to explode. Good.

    Rhea was clearly looking for one side of the issue, and that was to prove to his listeners that Palin is dumb. I would assume that his own education leaves a lot to be desired. But hey, he has a radio show so we should all be in awe of his own ignorance.

  6. The pastor at the Old North Church has stated that he felt responsible for this because he told Palin the information about Revere warning the British.

  7. Well, William, you were fine.

    But that was the most excruciating 36 minutes I've ever listened to.

    Such uninformed, prejudiced, happy-with-themselves, smug bunch of people, minus yourself and the other guest, that I've ever heard.

    Again with the 3-year-old Couric interview. These people pay NO attention to anything.

    Sad, really.

    And they're my neighbors here in New England. Very sad.

  8. Great interview. And your one small changing of land and sea wouldn't hurt your presidential run any more than the President's gaffes on World War II history or what language Austrians speak hurt him. If you're painted as intelligent (which professors are), you can say just about anything. :-)

    It was a great teaching moment that garbling facts is not ipso facto a matter of intelligence or knowledge.

    Reagan managed to overcome the "dunce" meme even though it continued strong throughout his presidency. Now, after he's gone, more and more media people are discovering how intelligent and informed Reagan was (though apparently the academics haven't caught up yet despite Obama's praise for him).

    Do you think Palin will be long gone before the media and academia finally admit that she was smart?

  9. Professor thank you for trying, but attempting to rationalize with progressives is like herding cats. Hope you had fun and didn't get scratched.

  10. @hrh40 I'm with you. The Couric interview says to me that these people have not entered the internet age. I get my news from lots of different sources (over 50 links on my blog side bar alone, not to mention the sources my sources link to).

    Which is what Palin said. She reads from lots of different sources.

    The sort of a person who can really name two or three major news sources that form their worldview is the sort of person who shouldn't be in the news, teaching or governing business.

    "Couric: And when it comes to establishing your worldview, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the world?"
    . . .
    "Couric: Can you name a few?"

  11. You should be able to hear 1030 AM anywhere in the US (I could get it down in Virginia) at night. It's one of the clear channel broadcasters on the AM dial.