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Friday, June 10, 2011

So Tell Me About Rick Perry

The buzz is that Rick Perry has hired away some former Newt senior campaign staffers, and is giving serious consideration to jumping in the race.

I truly don't know much about him.  So tell me about Rick Perry.

Updates:  Since we're having comment function problems, I'll post selective e-mails from readers who have been shut out.  I have no feeling for or against Perry yet, so don't take these posted comments as reflecting my view.  A reader writes:
I tried to leave a comment under "So tell me about Rick Perry" but I couldn't get it to work... grrr!

Here is my comment- hope it helps :)
Im a native Texan and have voted for Governor Rick Perry 3 times. He's not perfect- no candidate is. But if the election comes down to jobs and business growth (and it will), Perry has no equal. The guy is literally a job-creating machine.  He's in a unique positon to unify and excite the GOP. He can easily rally Tea Partiers with plenty of down-home red meat. He's also experienced and well-connected enough to bring a lot of establishment support with him.
He's a good extemporaneous speaker, full of charisma, and is immensely likeable. He connects with people very well. He'll take some heat for the TTC and Guardasil, but he's weathered those storms here and crushed his opposition. He's got something of a teflon quality I have not seen since Reagan.

This might be the best way to sum him up: Rick Perry is the anti-Obama.  Do a quick search on "Texas economy", and you'll see what Im talking about.

Buckle up, folks. This race is about to get exciting - finally.
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  1. Texas campaign manager for Al Gore in 1988. Nice hair, wears cowboy boots, cowboy hats and big belt buckles, carries a .380 pistol to shoot snakes, likes to hand envelopes to presidents at the airport rather than actually taking action to control the Texas border. All hat, no cattle.

  2. Fairly well known round these parts as a RINO. Usually referred to as the GLG (good lookin' governor) because of the hair. Shot a coyote in Austin while jogging. Was obsessed with the Trans Texas Corridor so that drugs, I mean COMMERCE, could move more quickly through the state. Hasn't done enough to close the border although he talks a good talk. No Texan I know really likes him but at least he claims to be a Republican. He's pro-business and seems to be really enjoying CA businesses moving to Texas. I'm just waiting for him to talk to the CME about moving here.

  3. Eagle Scout, signed "Loser Pays" law in Texas, governor when numerous jobs created in state.

    Tort reform is a big plus for me.

  4. Roger Simon is a believer in Perry, which lends Perry cred for me. I do think Perry would wipe the floor with Obama in a debate.

  5. He asked the Obama administration to declare a state of emergency regarding the devastating wildfires in Texas. Obama refused, more than once. If Obama doesn't like him, that says a lot to me.

    I heard him speaking about the Mexican border and he seemed very knowledgeable and reasonable on the issue.

    While out running, a coyote tried to attack Perry's dog. Perry pulled out a laser-sighted .380 Ruger, loaded with hollow-points, and put the coyote down. Don't mess with Texas, or a Texan's dog.

  6. Forgot to mention that the governor has a very "evolved" view of Texas' right to secede from the union.


    I don't think he's yet had time to reconcile his understanding of the US Constitution to that of the Articles of Confederation.

  7. Well, if you want to see results under Perry in TX, here they are: WSJ: The Lone Star Jobs Surge

  8. Perry talks a good game on cutting spending, but he was a big supporter of the Trans-Texas Corridor (a boondoggle involving the creation of a large system of railways, highways and utility lines that would be used to transport large amounts of cargo).

    On the other hand, Texas is leading the nation in job creation. Perry is taking on the education establishment, which is easily the meanest and dirtiest lobby in Austin. Another plus is the major daily newspapers in Texas consider Perry the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler (the Texas media is just as Stalinist as anything you will find in New York). Finally, Perry is a survivor - he has weathered three elections in which the media pulled out all stops to force him from office, and he has never lost an election as far as I know. He would be a formidable opponent.

  9. Pasadena Phil, Every Texan harkens back to the good ole days of the Republic. It's in the water. ;-)

  10. Forced young girls to take an untested vaccine. Refused to control the border and force cities to enforce immigration laws. Talks a good game, but hasn't made the hard calls.

  11. First, Perry's negatives: Gardisil, which was recommended by the feds, and a program that parents could op-out of and the TTC, a hold over plan from Bush's time in the governor's office.

    Perry's positives: encouraged legislation that lowered ad valorum taxes, especially for seniors, bucked the left wing wind in Austin to create a state income tax, physically recruited companies from other states to relocate to Texas that provided more jobs than all other states combined in the last ten years, refused to sign any legislation increasing state sales tax, encouraged Voter I.D. (which passed), demanded fiscal responsibility from school districts (that spend like it's not their money), defended the Boy Scouts when the ACLU was going after them, strong on the 2nd and 10th Amendments, recalled the legislature with orders to enact laws against "sanctuary" cities that gives the AG the authority to go after city officials that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws and pushed the Texas law that eliminates all ad valorum (home) taxes for veterans with 100% disability.

    Personally calls the families of every Texas soldier killed in Iraq and Afghaistan and gives them him personal cell phone number, took in Marcus Luttrell of Lone Survivor fame to make sure that Marcus got the help for his broken body and shattered mind after losing his entire SEAL team, has taken in more veterans to do the same allowing those veterans to live with him and Anita so that they can monitor the help those veterans need.

    Understand economics (you don't spend more than you have in your bank account), ordered Greg Abbott to sue the EPA over their illegal "clean air" grab in Texas.

    There is a start.

  12. On the other hand, this is the same guy who tried to play doctor with every schoolgirl in the state of Texas with his effort to unilaterally impose the Gardasil vaccine as a condition of entering sixth grade -- until slapped down by the Texas legislature. It ought to make folks ask if he will be a "stroke of the pen, law of the land" President in order to avoid following the legislative process if elected.


    Now I'll vote for Rick Perry if he is the nominee -- but folks need to realize that he has not always lived up to the rhetoric he uses today as the darling of the Tea Party set. And while the business climate in Texas is great, don't forget that his property tax reform plan saved few homeowners any significant money while creating a flawed business tax that failed to collect anything near what it was supposed to, leading in part to the current budget crisis in Texas. Not only that, but his commitment to doing something on illegal immigration made during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign was abrogated by the spring of 2007 -- only to be resurrected for the 2010 campaign (and apparently sustained into the current legislative session by his presidential ambitions).

    Democrats will bring this stuff up if he is the nominee -- so conservatives need to recognize these things now.

  13. Pasadena Phil said...

    Forgot to mention that the governor has a very "evolved" view of Texas' right to secede from the union.


    I don't think he's yet had time to reconcile his understanding of the US Constitution to that of the Articles of Confederation.

    I'm a Perry critic, but I'm going to give the man his due -- he was NOT advocating secession as much as he was indicating the overbearing nature of federal power as the feds exceed the limits of the Constitution.

    Oh, and you might want to check your history -- the Articles of Confederation had nothing to do with the Confederate States of America, but actually was written by the Continental Congress and established our first national government until supplanted by the US Constitution. It did not allow for secession, but instead established a perpetual and indissoluble union. Interestingly enough, the US Constitution has no such provision, which led folks in the antebellum period to argue that secession was permissible (indeed, New England states considered it during the War of 1812).

  14. Greg, you fail to acknowledge that the Gardisil shot were recommended by the federal government first. It was on their list of recommended vaccinations. His property tax reform did what it was designed to do, give relief to Texan homeowners, especially seniors. The appraisals continued to go up, which was not Perry's fault as each Appraisal District pretty much sets their own appraisals for tax purposes.

    And you are worried about Perry, a conservative, usurpting the Constitution with a "stroke of the pen" when Obama is in constant violation of his Constitutional powers, i.e. Lybia.

    And just what do you want Perry to do regarding illegal immigration when the DoJ is currently sueing Arizona? Add Texas, and that cost, to be placed on the backs of Texas taxpayers?

    Perry has done something about illegal immigration, starting at the border. The firefight yesterday in Hildalgo County was between Mexican cartel members shooting from the Mexican side at LE officers. The Texas Ranger Recon squad SHOT BACK, something that is against federal policy. Under whose orders is that Ranger Recon squad at the border?

  15. Greg said...

    Greg, I was referring to the fact that Texas, like all other states that adopted the US Constitution, surrendered its sovereignty to the federal government. We are UNITED states who act as one. Under the Articles of Confederation, each state was a sovereign state cooperating with the other states as a confederation. The Constitution abolished that.

    Perry had suggested that Texas was granted an exemption when it joined the Union in being having an option to opt out if it wanted. That was wrong. Texas had an option to further subdivide itself into more states but no state has the right to secede.

    My point stands.

  16. He passes my number one criteria: I think he'd beat Obama handily, something I can't say about Mitt, Sarah, Michelle, Newt, Santorum, et al.

  17. 1. Unless somebody deconstructs Texas's economic performance, Perry has to be taken seriously.

    2. Supposedly the Bushes were involved in getting Kay Bailey Hutchison to oppose him for the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nomination. Animosity between Perry and the Bushes is by itself a meaningful point in his favor.

    3. I read that The Most Brilliant Man Harriet Miers Ever Met dislikes being called 'George'. Yet that's how Perry makes a point of referring to The American Churchill in interviews. I applaud.

    4. As a libertarian I look askance at Perry's social/cultural conservatism, but no candidate is ideal and these are not normal times. The economy is the overriding issue, and national security follows.

  18. @retire05 - Thanks, all news to me, good news. His and his wife's taking in wounded veterans clinches it for me, as does Michelle's and her husband's adopting orphans.

    @gs - The economy and national security are the same issue.

    These comments have been a pleasant and useful learning experience for me, thanks to all.

  19. Mediocrity prone to posturing for effect. Texas's weak governorship is ideal for talking big and evading responsibility. I'd prefer Pawlenty.

  20. He is known to have a mean streak and appoints cronies to board and state positions. Has definitely gotten more conservative over the past 2 years and you have to admit he ran a much better campaign than Kay Bailey for the Republican nomination.

    George W was much more liked/respected while governor by both sides of the aisle than Perry.

    He also can be derisive of those who don't agree with him. I sent him a check for $.01 because of his incessant requests for money and the fact that his campaign ignored multiple written requests and phone calls to leave me alone.

    I'd certainly vote for him against Obama, but would have to hold my nose to do so.


  21. As to "all hat and no cattle", I thought that had jumped the shark like jumped the shark. In any event, it is not apropos here. Not only was Perry an actual cattleman, he has presided over the greatest job creation (by far) in the country in his record long tenure. Sounds like cattle to me. Has fostered the low tax and light regulatory environment that has made that possible in these otherwise lean times. Sometimes, good governance is defined by what you do not do (see Obama). I believe the significance of the statement regarding secession is that the federal government is routinely in violation of the 10th amendment, which will play well on the Obamacare issue. I trust Perry's conservative credentials. However, he is a politician, and has made mistakes.

    I do not believe anyone calling Perry a RINO has been paying attention. Senator Hutchinson is more conservative than most Repub senators, and she did not dream she could run to his right in the primary, preferring to appeal to the RINO voters. Not too many of those here. Bottom line, he is bulletproof on job creation. Paul Ryan is the only name I would rather pull the lever for next fall.

  22. Being well liked and respected by the other team ain't exactly a selling point for this cowboy. If they aren't pissed off, its only because you aren't doing your job and advancing the football. I'm not sure that doesn't go double for the republican party establishment. Their oxes all need goring, and they'll yelp when you do it. If they aren't yelping....

  23. "I'd certainly vote for him against Obama, but would have to hold my nose to do so."

    Same. Cowardice on illegal immigration is a non-starter for me.

    "And just what do you want Perry to do regarding illegal immigration when the DoJ is currently sueing Arizona? Add Texas, and that cost, to be placed on the backs of Texas taxpayers?"

    In a word, yes. What do you think would happen if Texas decided to enforce anyway? Don't bother joining the lawsuit, just instruct LE to round up and dump into ICE's offices. You think they're going to send Federal Marshalls to protect illegals from Texas LE by force of arms? Not even Obama is stupid enough to create optics THAT absurd.

    The only problem I foresee in the gen. elec. is the ready-made slogan: "Do we really want ANOTHER governor from Texas?" It'll be stupid and unfair, but since when would that stop libs from playing 2008 Blame-Bush redux?

  24. I think the fact that he is a governor from Texas will be of critical importance to people who would never vote for him anyway. Given 8% unemployment and a still-limping economy come election time, I don't think anyone else is going to care.

    I'm concerned about his illegal immigration stance, but I'm certainly willing to allow for redemption if he wants to have a Come to Jesus moment.

  25. Captain Obvioius, Perry is trying to end "sanctuary" cities in Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Houston) by making them illegal in Texas. He called the House back into a special session and that was one of the things he wants enacted. Sending the Texas Ranger Recon units to the border to stop the poison the drug cartels are shipping north to wind up in the hands of our kids is NOT enforcing our laws? How so? When stopping the drugs, and the human smuggling, it the job of the federal government.

    "Do we want ANOTHER governor from Texas?" You betcha. It would be a hellofa lot better than a former Green Party Marxist from Chicago than we have now, and the only reason you would ask that question is because you have some kind of axe to grind with a state, not its governor.

    So tell us, what successful state do you hail from? Tell me how well y'all are doing. Tell me how YOUR state is dealing with illegals because bubba, your state has them and they are draining your economy just like they are in every state.

    Cowardice? How so? Because Perry has a respect for federal laws, but will fight them when they violate the 10th Amendment?

    I am sick of people who don't live in Texas, who can't vote in Texas, who live in failing states like Illinois, California and Michigan slamming my state that is doing just fine, providing jobs that people are clammouring to get. Take a look at the photos of Detroit. You won't see that in any Texas city, beautiful building collapsing from ruin.

    Tell me, Captain Oblivious, what other governor do you know of that promoted, and signed, legislation that abolished residential property taxes for veterans that are 100% disabled due to their service in a war? Come on, now, surely you can name one.

    You want the illegal alien problem solved. Call your federal Congressman. Tell them to pass legislation that allows for the refusal to grant federal funds to any state or municipality that refuses to adopt the Secure Communities coalition. Maybe you can call Mayor Bloomberg, or Deval Patrick. Let us know how it works out.

  26. gs said...As a libertarian I look askance at Perry's social/cultural conservatism, but no candidate is ideal and these are not normal times.

    But there are limits.

  27. @Captain Obvious - "Not even Obama is stupid enough to create optics THAT absurd."

    He is determined enough to create optics that absurd. He has and he will, and his underlings the more so. Bill and Janet were just as determined and accomplished in absurd optics. For many, will and policy trump people, law, fairness and justice for other many.

    @retire05 - "Hooray for Texas!" Other than Sandy in high school and Kathy at university, my only other sorrow in life is that my parents, a New Yorker and a Hoosier, turned down a prestigious university offer in Texas "because it was Texas, they do not know how to hold tea in Texas" and raised me in SoCal, where tea was unknown (although SoCal was a wonderland in those days). Well, that last on tea is hyperbole but you get the point. Thanks for being Texas!

  28. David R. Graham, thanks. I am proud of my state and I get really sick of people from failed northern states and the left coast that seem to wallow in bashing Texas when most of them have never been here.

    Yeah, we have some problems. Most of them deal with education because after generations of liberal Democrats, like Ann Richards, running our state, you don't fix what is broken overnight. Yet, our minority graduation rates are higher than most other states. And yes, we build big high school football stadiums, but Friday night football in Texas is almost a religion.

    A number of people I know have moved here from not only California, but the northern states, as well. All of them, to a person, remark how friendly Texans are and how we seem to take life in stride but are the most patriotic people they have ever met. The most unfriendly town in Texas is Austin, the San Francisco of the Southwest, and a sea of deep blue in a very red state.

  29. Perry would be great in the WH. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

    * And he'd put an end to the tyranny of the EPA *

    Drill Baby drill

  30. In a state like Texas which is noted for having a small government with a balanced budget amendment and a governor that is constitutionally weak compared to other states' governors, shouldn't the credit for the economic performance of Texas belong to the comparative advantages that are embedded in its constitution and traditions?

    Texas is not doing well because they have excellent central planning coming out of a constitutionally weak governorship but because it is really hard to mess up as a governor in that state. Point out one thing that Perry has done that trumps the advantages TX has in attracting disgruntled companies and citizens who are fed up with hostile and oppressive state governments in high-tax states?

    Perry, as far as I can see, is a former Democrat whose "conservativism", like Bush, was shaped by the the convenience of pandering the culture of a conservative state, not that he is a believer. In one area where he could be very effective, illegal immigration, he has been all posturing (hat) and no effective action (no cattle). Everything else? Hey, that's just what Texas does when you leave things alone.

  31. PasadenaPhil (can I assume that is not Pasadena, Texas?), the strides that Texas has gained have been since we went red. Up until George Bush was elected governor, we historically were a blue state. Everyone said that Bush could not beat Ann Richards, a charismatic woman who gave the DNC keynote address when Bush, Sr. was running for POTUS. And last year was the first time that we have had a Republican majority Congress since Reconstruction. And if you want to see how badly a governor can mess Texas up, I would refer you to Waco, and the Branch Davidians.

    We had a few tech companies prior to Bush, like AMD, Dell and Texas Instruments, but nothing to shake a stick at. Now we are the Silicon Valley of the South.

    Now, I know you want to say that Perry has been soft on illegal immigration, but that is just so much bunk. Odd how people who claim to be so intuned with politics know as little as they do. I don't consider using state resources to protect the border (when it is a federal responsibility) or ordering Congress back into session to deal with other immigration issues to be soft. Perhaps you can tell me how much better your governor has done. Or just tell me what state you are in so I can poke fun at your governor.

    Yes, Perry was a Democrat. So what? Democrats in Texas are more conservative than any East Coast Republican, or any Republican in California, for that matter. But Reagan was also a Democrat. Are you now going to tell us that Reagan was all hat and no cattle (as if you even understand what that means)?

    Now, let me ask you this: you say that Texas' economic advantages should be because of its constitution and tradition. Should not the same apply to the United States as a whole? How's that working out?

    BTW, aren't you the guy who said once that you were well informed about Texas because you spent a week here one time?

  32. @WDOR, omg, I love that check for a penny thing and am going to steal it. Scott Brown is incessantly emailing for money; it's annoying, especially as no power on earth would make me vote for him again.

    As to Perry, interesting stuff here. The gadrasil mandate is very troubling, I've no opinion of him, either, and don't anticipate a need to form one.

  33. Pointing out that someone over the age of 35 in the South was once a democrat before 1998 really isn't saying much. Before 1994, virtually everyone was (even if they always voted Republican for president). In these states it was, and in some places still is, a matter of regional identity that has nothing to do with how they vote and everything to do with our history. In terms of roots in the land, the South's population is by far the oldest in the nation, and if you'll recall, republicans weren't very nice to us for a couple of decades in the 19th century. Just about every family has a memory of the devastation of the war and a couple of Reconstruction horror stories to boot--and we tend to have very long memories. Until Clinton utterly destroyed the Southern wing of his party, you couldn't get elected in the most conservative region of the country running as anything but a democrat. And these states were Reagan's biggest supporters! It should also be noted, those Southern democrats tended to be the most conservative people in Congress, and their state legislatures were much more conservative than the republican ones in the North. I know people who have never voted for a democrat in their life who still won't change their party registration. One needs to look no farther than Alabama or North Florida for evidence of that phenomena.

    You're skeptical of someone who used to be a democrat in the South 20 years ago. Us Southerners tend to be skeptical of anyone who wasn't.

  34. Attention -- Tin Foil Alert!

    Rick Perry -- Gosh -- he is a shoe-in. Haven't you heard that he visited Istanbul in the summer of 2007 to attend the annual Bilderberg Convention? Hey, that means that he has been vetted by David Rockefeller et al so we can be assured that Perry will be elected as our next president.

    It is now safe to remove tin foil.

  35. Wow, way to completely miss the point. I haven't seen that many straw men in one place since Blair Witch, although those women seemed way more in control of their emotions. Thanks for making it personal too. Captain Oblivious, never heard that one before... so original. Should I call you Retard05? Is that your IQ or your age? Does this make the discussion now more compatible with your maturity level?

    The deflection is cute, but we're not talking about other states, we're talking about Perry who, for example, has consistently endorsed in-state tuition for illegals.
    No. Fighting back against armed cartels is NOT political bravery ... it's avoiding the political suicide of ignoring them. He's far from the perfect poster boy you have taped above your bed, and for some voters, immigration is an issue whether you like it or not. Also, whether you personally want another Texas Guv or not, the point was how that plays in the general election. If you think the media will consult your personal opinions of relevance, significance, and fairness when deciding whether to use policy statements and circumstances to sabotage a conservative candidate, you're a Macaca fool.

    Phil is absolutely correct that Texas would be Texas with or without Perry. That he didn't interfere is to his credit, but that doesn't make him immune to legitimate concerns on policy which may matter to other voters whether you approve of their priorities or not. If your intention was to say that his virtues outweigh his faults, or that you think he's better than the other plausible candidates, then maybe you should have written that instead of a nonsensical diatribe about some evil cabal of idiotic RINO Other-Staters out to crucify the second-coming of Perry the Infallible (Peace Be Upon Him).

    So again, thanks for making it personal, name-calling, belittling others' valid concerns, and making things up like so much bunk. The part where you imply that whether one lives in fly-over-country is somehow indicative of one's ability to form a legitimate opinion made me chuckle. We don't get too many whiney moonbat elitest liberals around here, thanks for reminding us what we've been missing!