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Monday, June 13, 2011

Palin Email Frenzy Media Participation Rate falling fast

On Friday the media was in a complete frenzy to get Sarah Palin, enlisting a cast of thousands to scour the 24,000 pages of e-mails released by the State of Alaska.

As just about everyone now acknowledges, the major networks and print newspapers never devoted a fraction of the effort towards important stories like the unemployment rate and the reality that millions of people are so dejected that they have left the labor force.

Given that the Palin email story was a bust and does not help Democrats, it is not surprising to see that the media participation rate in the story has fallen dramatically, as evidenced by this graph reflecting the Palin Email Frenzy Media Participation Rate:

It's a shame that the media is losing interest in such an important story, but it's not surprising.  Everyone seems to be losing hope these days.

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  1. Looks it has already broken below its 20-day, 50-day and 200-day moving average with no support in sight. This is a broken stock. Avoid it. "Over sold" is not a bullish indicator.

  2. Does this whole episode not suggest the perfect slogan for Palin, should she decide to run? I.E.:

    "Sarah Palin, you can hold her to a higher standard."

  3. Alternative headline: "Alone Again (Naturally)"; media sycophants go solo spanking it over Sarah.

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.

  4. The enemedia once again got impalined by their own petard!

  5. We shouldn't let the media off so easy.

    I'm going to call my local newspaper's "speakout" line and ask how to get involved with the "crowdsource" search of Barack Obams's emails. I'll also email the local television news stations with the same question.

    This is the new bar of political journalism, and it's up to us as consumers to make sure the media applies the standards evenly.