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Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Michael Alan

As you know, I welcome the participation of conservative/libertarian students from Cornell.  This not only helps me out, it also gives students who otherwise are isolated in a sea of liberalism an outlet to develop their skills and political outlooks in a setting in which they can be challenged by fellow conservatives/libertarians.

Since Kathleen is away for the summer rubbing shoulders with the big boys and girls at The Wall Street Journal, I'm using this opportunity to add Michael Alan to the roster. 

Michael is from Lewisburg, PA, and is entering his second year at Cornell's School of Industrial and Labor Relations (where she works).  Michael already has cut his baby blogging teeth at the Cornell Insider, the blog of the conservative Cornell Review.  Michael's post about Keith Olbermann's recent visit to Cornell got him a HotAir link, which is enough to addict anyone to blogging.

Michael also is active in the Cornell Republicans, and this summer will be interning at the conservative National Center for Public Policy Research.

When Michael first contacted me, he wrote: "I'm an admitted news junkie, especially when it comes to politics, and I read LI pretty regularly."  Yeah, I'm that easy.  A few pats on my back, and you're in.

Please welcome Michael Alan.

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  1. I hope you gave him a helmet and bullet proof vest.

  2. ""When Michael first contacted me, he wrote: "I'm an admitted news junkie, especially when it comes to politics, and I read LI pretty regularly." Yeah, I'm that easy. A few pats on my back, and you're in.""

    Regularly? I read it religiously! Five times a day, in the sweltering heat of L.A., I kneel to the floor and bow in the direction of Ithaca. Now ... suddenly, I feel a wave of atheistic insurrection washing over me.

    Welcome, Michael !!! (you're one person at LI I'm still talking to!)

  3. Welcome Michael Alan. You have a fine tutor, but watch him. Wicked sense of humor. ;)

  4. Good luck Michael

  5. Let's get rowdy around here, LOL!!

  6. Welcome! Always nice to see college students with the sense to embrace a conservative POV.


  7. Odd. . .when I tried to access the NCPPR site with the link provided, I got a popup warning me that the site had been reported as an "attack site." I smell something fishy.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  8. @ Fr. Philip - the first time I tried it I got a warning, after that it worked fine. Not sure what the issue is.

  9. Welcome, Michael!