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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Assad Sends More Palestinian Cannon Fodder Over Israel Border

On Friday the Syrian army killed 63 Syrian protesters against the Assad regime.

As before, Assad tried to deflect international attention by sending Palestinians to try to crash the border fence on the Golan Heights, with predictable results that Israel did not allow them to breach the fence. 

Warnings broadcast in Arabic went unheeded:

The Israelis fired warning shots, and when even that did not work, shot at the infiltrators:
In a sign of official backing for the protests, the border clashes were broadcast live on Syrian television, with comments from participants, and reporters were permitted direct access to the normally closed frontier zones.

Near the village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights, scores of Palestinians and Syrian supporters who arrived in buses from Damascus streamed down a hillside and marched toward the frontier, carrying Palestinian and Syrian flags and chanting “Palestine is Arab!” and “the Golan is Syrian!”

When the protesters tried to cross a trench and earth berms topped with razor wire, which had been put up by the Israeli military to block their approach, army sharpshooters opened fire at the marchers from a border fence nearly 150 yards away.

The army spokesman said that troops had fired warning shots before shooting at the legs of the demonstrators. The gunfire was accompanied by loudspeaker warnings in Arabic that those who approached the border fence were endangering their lives.
Reports are unclear as to casualties.  The Syrians are claiming six were killed, but that is not confirmed.

The protesters had to make their way through a mined area to get to the fence, demonstrating Syrian government involvement, if there were any doubt.

Updates: Infiltrators throwing Molotov cocktails at Israeli troops accidentally set off land mines:
A second demonstration was observed on the Syrian border in Kunetra, where 200 to 300 demonstrators amassed. Four land mines exploded in the area after Syrian rioters threw Molotov cocktails at IDF forces. The cocktails exploded in a field, starting a fire which then set off the mines on the Syrian side of the border. The IDF was unaware of the number of casualties caused by the explosions.

IDF forces were sending Arabic-language messages through loudspeakers over the border, warning that anyone approaching the fence would be killed.

Syrian television also reported that demonstrators were attempting to breach the fence at several other points in the Golan Heights, Channel 2 reported.
There was supposed to be a "ceasefire" during which the attempted infiltration and the Israeli response would be halted to give time for the Red Cross to evacuate wounded, but the infiltrators used it as a chance to again attack the border:
An IDF ceasefire that was set to last for a half hour was stopped after six minutes when a group of about 10 Syrian protesters climbed the border in an attempt to cut the barbed-wire fence and progress towards the village of Majdal Shams.

Following the incident, the IDF renewed fire in order to deter the protesters. The IDF previously agreed to hold its fire in order to allow medical crews to treat and evacuate the injured.
And the IDF is asserting that the protesters were using Red Cross signs as cover (h/t to a reader):

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  1. These syrian palestinian 'protestors' are involved in what they know to be a form of military incursion; except their armor is their 'civilian' status and Israel's high humnitarian standards.

    Perhaps Assad could also send them to the North Koreans to help them pull the same stunt at the K-DMZ.

  2. Professor,

    Like George Will said about the nature of the news, paraphrasing here ... I can't find the quote (referencing headlines when a major plane crash occurs):

    "Of course, the media doesn't report daily the amazing statistic that 10,000 commercial flights land safely each and every day."

    The uplifting posts, like the one about the Israeli firm creating the technology to wirelessly charge your phone and eventually your electric car ... to counter the (admittedly necessary) negative stories are greatly appreciated.

    LukeHandCool (who, the way he's feeling ... after the brouhaha with Facebook friends over the Sarah Palin video ... thinks he knows how Israel feels after attempting to reason with the United Nations ... it's like attempting to talk to a wall that has its fingers in its ears and then turns around and insults you ... don't ask me how I know this about walls, it's too complicated to explain ... suffice it to say, they plaster over the truth)

  3. Meanwhile, Syria guns down mourners and (truly) carpet bombs the town of Hama.

    Amazing how must hating Jews will let you ignore, isn't it?

  4. After posting the above, I hit the "refresh" button, and what appears?

    A story about the murder of the Fogel family.

    Only one quibble: "Murder" sounds too decourous. It was really bloodthirsty slaughter ... which I also feel is to weak a term ... what's a term that can possibly describe the stabbing to death of innocent sleeping children?

    I checked the time and you posted it at 12:55, one minute before my post at 12:56.

    So, my feelings that you have a wicked sense of humor thankfully did not morph into your having a twisted, sick sense of humor. Lucky you!

  5. CiFWatch reports that the Syrians paid the locals to approach the fence - much in the same way as Elder of Ziyon reports that Hezbollah paid the locals to storm the Israel-Lebanese border on "Naqba Day" a few weeks ago.