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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner Presser / Update: Hangs In There

At 4 p.m. Eastern.  Will the headline be "Weiner Hangs In There" or "Weiner Peters Out"?

Updates:  Admits sent photo Friday, did it as joke, then laughed about it.  "To be clear the picture was of me and I sent it."

Also "engaged in several inappropriate" conversations, etc., including explicit photos including some after marriage.

Deeply sorry.  Apologizes to wife and family.

Not resigning.  "I am not resigning."

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  1. You are getting the hang of this blogger traffic thingy.

    Heh. ;)

  2. He's a hero to the left, nothing going to happen to Oscar Meyer.

    Just for laughs, would love to see male Repubs wearing gray boxer briefs, on the outside of clothing, then flash his butt.

    Then sit back and listen to the four letter tirade, from Oscar..

  3. Perhaps a third possibility? "Weiner Loses It."

  4. http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/mikeshelton/2007/09/04/21014

  5. No one asked the million-dollar question:

    Read his quote(s) about ethics, morals, and demanding resignations; then ask why that does not apply to him, why he did not need to resign?!

    Hate it when the press does NOT do their job. They are still trying to find a way to cover for him. Despicable.

  6. He's using the Janet Reno defense. "I take full responsibility for my behavior and no, I"m not resigning."

    Unasked: So what does it mean to take full responsibility then?

  7. DON'T RESIGN! Keep up this charade! I bet we can drag this thing out for another ten days until the DNC loses so much in money and time that they are FORCED to kick you out, Congressman!

  8. Why would he resign? As any other Dhimocrat, he's simply "living large" and having fun. Nothing further to gain here. It's not as if there were a public expectation he had ethics or morals, or anything. Sheesh!

  9. I was fortunate enough to have gone to preparatory school with a strong honor code. If you lied, cheated, or stole, it was adios muchacho. No room for equivocation.

    I guess, however, that the U.S. House of Representative has no such honor standard. It’s OK to lie.

    Weiner should be expelled for being an out-an-out liar. He’s not worthy of the public trust.

  10. Btw. The responses to this on Kos are priceless, some angry, some supportive. Most admit that he just gave Brietbart a huge boost in credibility. My favorite responses are the "He screwed up but id doesn't effect his ability to be a congressman" responses. I guess honesty is not a required trait for liberal candidates.

  11. Can Congress please vote to call for Weiner's resignation, both for ethics/morals violations, and for wasting American taxpayer dollars for the time and costs of internet accounts for him to carry on his pervy online 'hobby' while he was supposed to be attending to his NY district's and the nation's business rather than exposing his own 'bidness' to young women less than half his age? IMO, Weiner's a cyberstalker who needs psychological help and preferably jail time. But, at minimum, he's like the dorky guy in high school who was too creepy to relate to girls in person and thus resorted to weird, clandestine behaviors. And, Weiner's just admitted that he's been blatantly lying to the American people for an entire week. Would we tolerate any of this behavior from anyone in our own families, much less from someone supposedly representing the American people in one of our nation's highest offices? Anyone condoning Weiner's behavior is tacitly approving it for others in elected office. If he won't go willingly, Congress needs to show him the Congressional exit sign, now.

  12. Breibart's New Doomsday Device. From the NYDaily News:

    After earlier publishing a shirtless photo that Weiner supposedly sent an internet stranger, Breitbart said he was holding a raunchier photo in reserve.

    "There's at least one more photo," he said. "It's of an X-rated nature. I have no intention of releasing it. I'm doing this to save his family."

    But he called it an insurance policy.

    "If this guy wants to start fighting with me again, I have this photo," he said.

  13. Democrats are already known to be the “scum of the Earth” so there is no reason to resign

  14. I wonder what happens to Gennette Cordova now... this can't be good for her journalism aspirations.

  15. Just remember -- he's not entirely sure all those he chatted with were over 21.

  16. Nobody needs a photo of Breitbart's briefs to know who's got cojones.

  17. As I said in a previous comment, Liberal slime of Weiner's type never resign in disgrace. They hold onto power for as long as they can because they understand that the reigns of power bring control, prestige and authority.

    I hope that the House throws him out in disgrace. The House has the authority to EXPEL a member, without impeachment, by 2/3rds vote and thus unseat Weiner under Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2).

    I'd also like to know if ANY of the individuals who he chatted with were under the age of 18. If evidence of THAT should come to light, I think it guaranteed that the House would expel him and see him prosecuted.

  18. Well, I did a Parody Song About this:

    I’m Too Sexty – A. Weiner Parody Song
    by Squeeky Fromm
    To the Tune of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy“

    I’m too sexty for my wife,
    Too sexty for my wife,
    Wife’s going to leave me.

    I’m too sexty for my shirt,
    A flirty extrovert.
    (Pssst! Keep this covert!)

    And I’m too sexty for this phone
    Did I just hear you moan???
    Erogenous zone???

    Oh, I’m too sexty for my party.
    Too sexty for my party,
    No way that I’m resigning!

    I’m A. Weiner, you know what I mean
    And I sext-message chicks on my BlackBerry
    Yeah BlackBerry, yeah on my BlackBerry
    I’m so very fast on my BlackBerry

    I’m too sexty for my job
    Sooo sexty that I throb.
    See my sexty knob???

    And I’m too sexty for my Twitter
    Such a sexty critter,
    And smarter than Vitter!

    I’m A. Weiner, you know what I mean
    But I’m starting to fret about a perp walk,
    Oh yes a perp walk, please not a perp walk,
    ‘Cos underage chicks can mean a perp walk

    I’m too sexty for my
    Too sexty for my,
    too sexty for my

    I’m A. Weiner, you know what I mean,
    And it might be my turn to do a perp walk,
    Oh yes a perp walk, a lousy perp walk
    They’ll lock up my tush after a perp walk

    I’m too sexty for my cats
    Too sexty for my cats
    Poor pussy poor pussy cats

    I’m too sexty for my wife,
    Too sexty for my wife.
    Wife’s going to leave me.

    Am I too sexty for Craig’s List???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  19. Good parody song, should get on Rush if u get a good rendition by that dude who does these parodies best.

    Meanwhile, the lamestream MSM is trying to figure out how not to give credit to Breitbart for being right and how to exonerate Herr Schnitzelbank or at least give him cover for not resigning. Chris Lee was a man, A. Wiener is a _______[fill in the blank].

    Sewer rat or moral leper jumped into my mind, as well as "mouse."

  20. Thank you Daves!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter