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Friday, June 10, 2011

Weinergate Development Takes a Back Seat to Palin Emails

(By Michael Alan)

As the mainstream media descends upon Juneau to do opposition research on someone who hasn't been governor for almost two years, a crucial development in the Weinergate story--about a sitting Congressman that may very well have pursued underage girls--is being completely ignored.

Any one wanna take bet when outlets like the New York Times or Washington Post will start doing their jobs and covering this?
Police [in Delaware] are investigating direct online communications between New York Rep. Anthony Weiner and a 17-year-old girl and are looking for any other young women who may be involved, though the nature of the communications wasn't immediately clear.
While the MSM has been playing "investigative journalist" with the Palin emails, conservative blogger Patterico has been picking up on the amazing work of Andrew Breitbart's team and actually investigating even further. While it's unclear what information Delaware authorities are acting on, Patterico has compiled a disturbing set of evidence that seems to validate their suspicions, which can be found in a series of posts on his blog (Part I, II, III).

Update: The Times will be covering the story in tomorrow's paper . . . a full six pages behind their complete coverage of the Palin email exposé.

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  1. It's okay with the botox-muddled brain of Nancy Pee-loosey-goosey. I wonder if it's okay with the Delaware NOW. I guess there are so many paraphiliacs on the left, they just can't keep up.

  2. mike

    fyi, the NYT and the WAPO both have articles now. but your point is well taken.

    And I will literally eat my hat if the DE authorities didn't base it on Patrick's work.

    And when i say literally i know that it doesn't mean figuratively.

  3. As long as Sarah Palin didn't send pictures of her naughty bits to fans, she's golden.

    The MSM only ruin their own credibility by going after Palin while giving Weiner a pass.

  4. Enter the Weiner Roast Pool at http://nosheepleshere.blogspot.com/2011/06/enter-weiner-roast-pool.html

  5. Two big Weinergate news items tonight - police visit a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL who Weiner was texting and Radar Online releases nasty messages between Weiner and girl #5 - one mentions girl #5 offering to do things to him that his wife won't.

    I wonder what the Weiner wife thinks of THAT?

  6. Bait-and-Switch is a form of fraud. Will Switch-and-Bait be granted the same term?

    That is exactly what the Left is doing here, in regards to Palin over Weiner.

  7. I said (back on June 6th in the comments to the post titled "Weiner Presser / Update: Hangs In There") that I would like to know if Weiner contacted anybody under the age of 18.

    Well, now I have my answer at least. This is going to get VERY uncomfortable for Weiner in the next couple of weeks, and he had better pray to whatever GOD he believes in that he didn't send anything that could even REMOTELY be construed as lewd, indecent or explicit, because it WILL be found. Alternatively, if he RECEIVED something explicit FROM one of those "underage" minors, that will be even worse for him.

    If he did send something explicit to a minor, being expelled from Congress will be the LEAST of his problems, for he will likely be facing a whole bunch of felony counts. If he RECEIVED something, then we're into the realm of a sitting member of Congress (a leader in the Democrat party, no less) receiving child pornography. That would be a public relations DISASTER for the Democrat party for YEARS to come.