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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Open Thread


Your thoughts?

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  1. Possibly should say "Open Zipper" rather than open thread????

  2. Goodbye congressman in cape and tights.

    Hello Der WeinerSpitzer.

  3. I just hope he doesn't bring a date...she's been humiliated enough already

  4. He was a jerk, and I'm glad to see him hoisted on his own petard. I have no sympathy for him.

    But watching the coverage, especially from liberals, it was sad. They couldn't accept it.

    It makes me wonder about objectivity, and raises the age old question--why can't we just get along? How can both sides see things SO differently.

    For example, why would any woman find this guy attractive?

  5. I wonder what he's going to do. If you look at his biography in Wikipedia, he's never held a job in the "real world"; it's always been politics. And that career field is now pretty much closed. So, I assume something affiliated, e.g., lobbyist. He'll make a ton of money working his contacts, at least while the Democrats are still in power.

  6. Another arrogant liberal Democrat, drunk on the wine of power that made him believe he's invincible and that rules of ethics and character don't apply to him, has bitten the dust.

    Had Weiner not lied so convincingly & passionately during that first week, willingly smearing Andrew Breitbart and other conservative bloggers, secretively coaching the adult film actress on how to lie to the press, I'd almost (maybe) have forgiven him for his lewd crotch shots and tawdry emails to single women who were not his wife. But maybe not.

    The liberal media went from ignoring the story and attacking Breitbart to now having a feeding frenzy on this hapless, sex-addicted man. They're eating their own. In just three weeks, Tony Weiner has crashed and burned unlike any other politician in recent history. They say he's "fragile" right now. Yes, seeing a college photo of yourself cavorting in women's undergarments on the front of tabloids will do that to you.

    We've handed far too much power to these grotesquely flawed, self-centered people and it's time to again rise up. November 2010 and the imminent bloodbath at the polls for Democrats and RINOs was Act I - the November 2012 election will be Act II. They won't know what hit them. America is paying attention to the temporary stewards of our Constitution, and we're not going to tolerate much anymore.

  7. So it IS possible to be a Weiner and a loser at the same time. Now I have more time to wonder exactly what a vacuum is made of.

  8. I hope the rain forecast for tonight holds off long enough to grill that steak I've been waiting for all week.

  9. @John Foster

    No real skills, total liberal windbag, I forsee a job at MSNBC in his future...

    Well unless he's really dejected by his party... in which case he'll appear on FoxNews from time to time to give Bill someone to argue with.

  10. @Ulises Jorge Bidó June 16, 2011 12:24 PM

    An unfortunate comment from the Wiki at your link about her:

    "Abedin married Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), whom she met in a dark room, on July 10, 2010."

    Yep. And ever since he's been laying the foundation for one embarrassing exposure after another.

    You know, I don't often look for ways to agree with Donald Trump. But he was pretty close to spot on when he told Greta that what Weiner had done was downright "suicidal" and further said to her that the guy must have a "death wish."

    He also correctly told her that what former Republican NY Representative Chris Lee, the "shirtless" Congressman did a few months ago "was peanuts compared" to what Weiner did.

    But watch the mainstream media suggest that there was equivalence in the two situations.

    To me, one of the most disgraceful parts of what Weiner did was to doggedly try to hold on, after he was force to admit to utterly humiliating actions.

    He quite literally dared the press to take him down. Without the new media publishing shocker after shocker, and photo after photo, he might have actually been able to hold on.

  11. Will he still get Congressional pension and other benefits? I'll bet he will.

  12. I wonder why a Gawker story about a second hand account of Christine ODonnell's privates got so much traction, but a real, sitting Representative gets a pass for sending an actual photo of his privates, possibly to underage girls.

  13. He's a sex addict, he's just horny, he has no other job or qualifications.....they're gonna' make me cry, sniffle.

  14. No Happy Ending For Weiner


  15. 99, why can't we all just get along?

    Because the Democrat Party has turned into nothing but a bunch of Socialist/Marxists who want to be the politburo to the rest of us prolitariate.

    Next stop for Weiner? A job at George Soros' factory with an office next to Van Jones.

  16. "Was Huma Abedin — wife of Anthony Weiner and deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton — unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) claims to have leaked an extensive list, partially published by Al-Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers, that includes Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, in the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division — known as the Muslim Sisterhood or International Women’s Organization (IWO)"

    Pajamas Media

  17. I long for the days of gentleman and ladies.

  18. It will be fascinating to see where he lands his first post-resignation job? At some Clinton-funded sinecure? At a Dem Party think tank where vocal progressives are valued? Or on the payroll of one or another Democratic fat cat donor?