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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Michele Bachmann Doesn't Seem To Understand How Ed Rollins Is Hurting Her

Michele Bachmann was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal:
"If I'm in, I'll be all in," says Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, artfully dodging my question of whether she's running for president. Given that she just hired campaign strategist Ed Rollins, whose past clients include Ross Perot and Mike Huckabee, rumors abound. "We're getting close," she says, "and if I do run, like all my races, I will work like a maniac."
That's nice.  And I stand by my prior comments that I like Bachmann and think she has a lot to offer.

But Bachmann has not dealt with the Ed Rollins situation

As long as Rollins is an adviser to Bachmann's campaign, that is a huge problem.  If Bachmann doesn't realize it, then she doesn't have her ear to the ground, or her eyes on the comment sections of conservative blogs.

Bachmann needs to wake up to and deal with the reality of the damage Ed Rollins is doing to her campaign.  Pretty soon it will be too late to cure. 

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  1. Yeah, I gave her until Friday (yesterday). She's off my radar.

  2. I got another of her fund-raising e-mails yesterday and sent it back with the message "Get rid of Ed Rollins yesterday if not sooner! What is WRONG with you!"

  3. MB is history. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Opportunity wasted. Shame. Time to focus elsewhere.

  4. I unsubscribed to her emails. Hopes she gets the hint, but that's moot. She's waited too long.

  5. Michele Bachmann is too naive on many important things to be taken seriously.