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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Dem Fleebaggers To Face Recall Election

There were some delays, and last minute uncertainty as to how the Wisconsin GAB would rule on the frivolous claims of petition fraud, but the GAB late today certified that there are enough signatures for recalls against three Democratic State Senators, as reported by WisPolitics (h/t Kevin):
The GAB has certified the recall elections of Dem Sens. Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch.

The board certified 15,540 signatures for the recall of Hansen, 19,255 for Holperin and 17,138 for Wirch.

The GAB set elections for July 19.

The board met for nearly nine hours today and struck a couple hundred signatures from the petitions, but ultimately the efforts surpassed the signature threshold to implement the recalls.
As of now, the recall elections for six Republican State Senators will be held on July 12, with the Democrats on July 19.  That makes no sense, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out and whether the election date is consolidated.

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  1. Wisconsin certainly has weird politics.

    The business of the Republicans entering candidates in the Democratic primaries to push the recall elections back is interesting -- I suppose it will mean the Democrats have to primary the Republicans to keep their final elections a week later.

  2. Which date will get more press coverage? Which will see unions busing people around, and which will see union road blocks?

  3. Rob Crawford (above) - Do you have to even ask? You KNOW we're going to see ALL sorts of Union shenanigans trying to stop people from voting if the dates are split. I can see it now: blockades and road blocks for blocks around polling stations with Union Jack-Booted Thugs asking any voter that looks over the age of 50 "What is your party affiliation?

    My guess is that you're going to see BLATANT hypocrisy from the local media, where you'll hear "RECALL ELECTION FOR REPUBLICANS on JULY 12th" for about two weeks prior, and then you'll hear DEAD SILENCE immediately after that in order to depress turnout for the Democrat recall.

  4. Given democrap thuggery in destroying recall petitions and harassing citizens trying to sign petitions, I'm surprised that the republicans were able to get three.