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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Fair Assessment of Think Progress

John Hinderaker of Power Line Blog has done an excellent job tracking down and debunking the serial lies of Think Progress regarding the Koch brothers.  I've chimed in too from time to time, but John really has led the charge.

In a post today, John demonstrates yet another Think Progress lie supposedly connecting the departure of David Koch from a Board position at the National Institutes for Health with the reclassification of a chemical used by Koch subsidiary Georgia Pacific as a carcinogen.  There is no truth to it.

John sums Think Progress up as follows (emphasis mine):
Everyone makes mistakes, but ThinkProgress is unique. It doesn't just get things wrong; it consistently fabricates lies out of whole cloth. Anyone who relies on ThinkProgress for information is asking to be deceived.
I think that is a fair assessment, except I'd go one step further.  Many of the people who rely on Think Progress for information, which they then republish, do so with full knowledge of the lack of truthfulness and thereby are complicit.

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  1. I noticed that Jonathan Tobin at Commentary, who has been very harsh on Palin, now has a post titled "Do not Underestimate Michele Bachmann." It seems strange that someone who cannot find anything nice to say about Palin is so complementary to Bachmann.

    I hope that Congressman Bachmann enjoys her new-found respectiblity, and I also hope that she realizes that it is only a matter of time until her new admirers turn on her.

  2. What do you think about the lie that Obama personally approved a loan for oil development in Brazil upon the orders of George Soros?

    ...and besides, the ThinkProgress post has a piece of evidence that PowerLine doesn't find worth mentioning:
    An investigation by ProPublica found that Sens. David Vitter (R-LA) and James Inhofe (R-OK) had used their power to add years of delay to the report. The piece linked Vitter to lobbying from Koch’s Georgia Pacific company, which has plywood plants in Louisiana.

    It may be somewhat of a stretch, but it's a far cry from Glenn Beck's daily evidence-free "just asking questions" schtick.

  3. "Everyone makes mistakes, but ThinkProgress is unique. It doesn't just get things wrong; it consistently fabricates lies out of whole cloth."

    They're not unique. They're leftists.

  4. My GOD, ANDREW!!! What a scandal! A Senator SPOKE WITH LOBBYISTS!!!!

  5. Powerline used to be a blog that I'd read once in a while if I got a chance. But it's now a daily must read.

    I think the turning point for me came with his posts, "Anatomy of a Smear" and "Anatomy of a Smear, Part Two", in which he showed without a doubt how a total fabrication made by Think Progress was picked up by both WaPo and NYT and published by the editorial boards of both papers. It took alot of work for him to research it and then document it in a well-written, clear, concise, post.

    It looks like the technical glitch I was experiencing that had prevented me from commenting is fixed, at least temporarily.

  6. To paraphrase Samuel Clemens:
    If you don't read Think Progress you are uninformed. If you read Think Progress you are misinformed.

  7. Andrew, Snopes is a fairly reliable source for questions that are not politically controversial, but when it comes to politics the editors have got a distinctly left-wing view that shows in their work.