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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Great Debate Tonight

Despite the hype, I suspect many people will be thinking about some current and former Governors who will not be there, and who have not yet declared, or who may never declare.

I'll be traveling tonight so I will not get to watch it.  Please post comments (if you are able to -- more on that in about a week), so I know what I've missed.  Or if I've missed anything.

Comments will be put through, although there may be a delay.

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  1. I'll be live blogging at my place. Safe travels!

  2. Be safe. I'm sure you won't miss much.

  3. Please post comments (if you are able to --
    FWIW--.   With an assist from 'OpenID' and an old and rarely used yahoo.com email account, posting here seems to be working for me once again.
    Have a safe trip back, Professor.

  4. As soon as I turned it on, Rick Santorum said we need to eliminate the corporate tax so the wealth will "really trickle down." Way to make it to the top tear... using a liberal spin as your answer.

  5. Coming up on the half way mark, Romney has been a standout and Bachmann has done herself a lot of good on the road to becoming the anti-Romney with smart, cogent answers, a comfortable manner and some humor.

    Pawlenty seems weak. Gingrich is doing well but it is over for him. Paul is doing his usual thing. Santorum and Cain are hanging in there but Bachmann and Romney are taking up the oxygen.

  6. Second half, Romney stays solid, Bachmann scores well on life and other issues but has some flubs too, Pawlenty and Santorum get stronger, Gingrich hurts himself by dwelling on his opposition to Ryan but scores with "no easy answers" on immigration, Cain is embarassing with his Muslim problem, and Ron Paul is still Ron Paul.

    Net is that most of them were good. Notion that GOP field is weak takes a beating. Biggest debate loser? Obama.

  7. Final quarter, Pawlenty and Santorum score well, both increasingly sharp. Romney looks good saying anyone on stage would make a better President than Obama. Bachmann gets in a couple of nice shots.

    I'd confirm my net assessment above -- Obama loses.

    Format worked well BUT the candidates in this and probably future debates face a problem trying to stick to a jobs/economy message. Networks think it is somehow essential to ask questions about every issue even though overwhelmingly, voters care about jobs, economic growth, debt and taxed.

  8. Thanks for the comments. Missed it too.

    Note to professor. Question the term "Great" without sarc tags in your hed. Some might take you serious.